Comments Of The Week: Femininity

We’ll never have the same opinion about femininity. What makes someone a woman or not, what struggles come with being female, the pros and cons of femalehood…we’ll always disagree. Some of us love makeup and hate our body hair, others look at their hairy legs with a sense of pride and can’t stand the feeling of makeup on their face. Some believe that femininity is this fragile, delicate thing that can shatter at the slightest bit of sexual edge and some believe femininity is as tough as nails and totally unbreakable, no matter what. Some get wrapped up in what’s girly and what’s not, others don’t give a you know what. The fact is that femininity and what it means to be feminine is different for everyone, especially for women.

Like the rest of the world, our readers have differing opinions on the matter, too. Here are 10 comments about femininity that you may or may not relate to.



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