10 Really Bad Pieces Of Dating Advice All Single Girls Should Ignore

There is a lot of relationship and dating advice floating around on the Internet. Anyone who knows how to type and knows the basics of grammar can create a blog where they can call themselves “dating experts.” It doesn’t even have to be on the Internet – anyone can dish out dating advice when asked for it. But beware, ladies: a lot of that advice is terrible. Seriously.

We’ve already gone over really bad relationship advice that no one who is in a committed relationship should follow unless they feel like going through a breakup. But what about all of the awful tips out there for single girls who are dating? There are some truly great tips out there, and then there is the stuff you cannot listen to unless you want to be single forever (in which case, go for it! A lot of people love being single). Here are 10 really bad pieces of dating advice every single girl should ignore:

Which of these do you think is the worst? Which have you heard? What do you think is actually good advice? Tell me in the comments!


10 dating rules you should never follow

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  • Rei

    Im terrified to make the first move because when ever I do…rejected. Maybe thats why Im still single…well shit.

  • Nicole

    I totally agree. I am in a relationship and if I followed any of this advice I wouldn’t be. You don’t have to play hard to get or make finding a relationship a number 1 priority. Just live life and it will happen. Trust me. I never expected to get into a relationship when I did. When you stop looking is when it happens. Not the other way around. Any wise person knows this.