14 Things That Will Happen With Your Friends After You Graduate From High School

When you graduate from high school, a lot of things will change. You’re not only transitioning with big changes in school; you’re also transitioning with big changes in your personal life. When you head off to college or if you decide to take some time to do something else, your friendships are going to change. It’s just a fact of life.

Some of your friendships will change for the better, others will not. I was really close with a big group of girls in high school and am only still close with two of them now. That’s just what happens, even if you end up going to college together. The good news is that you’ll make new friends after you graduate too, but these things will probably happen:

1. You’ll realize who your real friends are.

Your true friends are still going to be there for you, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart.

2. You’ll try to cram in as much time together as possible during the summer.

You’ll have sleepovers basically every night when you’re on summer break. Your parents will get mad at you for never being home.

3. You might get closer to friends you weren’t as close with.

Like I said, I had a big group of friends. But the girls I’m still close with, I wasn’t that close with until after we graduated.

4. And stop talking to ones who you really don’t like.

Ain’t nobody got time for that, bye!

5. You’ll get jealous when you see your friends making new friends who you don’t know.


Cue jealous rage when you see your friends’ Instagram pics with their new BFFs.

6. You won’t talk that much if you’re moving to different places for college.

Sometimes my best friends and I go months without talking.

7. But when you see each other again, it’ll be like nothing changed.

It’s the greatest!

8. You’ll watch a lot of your friends change.

Personalities, appearances, you name it.

9. You’ll forget about old, dumb drama.

Some people won’t, but you’ll probs be done with them anyway.

10. That couple you were friends with will break up.

Like, it’s sad, but you’re also thinking “FINALLY!”

11. You’ll watch some of your friends be incredibly successful.

You’ll be happy for them and a little jealous, but if you’re still close, you know they’re going to share their successes with you.

12. Others not so much.

Drugs, general lack of ambition and other sad stuff. 🙁

13. You’ll realize the only thing you had in common with some of your friends was high school.

This is so real, I know. But it’s true.

14. And some you’ll realize are friends for life.


Have you graduated? What things changed between you and your friends? Tell us in the comments!

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  • newbruclass

    This does not apply to me, fortunately. I am not really a people person and am an introvert. Proud to be an introvert who rather spends time video gaming then doing hangouts and reunions.