16 Things People Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Of, But Are

Even though everyone preaches messages like, “be yourself!” and “don’t worry about what other people think of you!” we all have to admit that there is something, at least once thing, that we’re ashamed of, even though we know we shouldn’t be. For the sake of Gurl, I’ll talk about mine: I have a lot of stomach issues. Despite the fact that I can’t control this and it’s not my fault, I’m ashamed and embarrassed to talk about it. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do, and it stinks.

So, what are you ashamed of that you know you shouldn’t be? It’s probably on the list below, actually. When I saw this thread in Ask Reddit, I knew it would be gold, and it was. These are all things that most people are embarrassed about, and you know what? It needs to stop. Maybe talking about it will help. Here are 16 things people are ashamed of, even though they shouldn’t be:

Which of these things are you ashamed of? What are you ashamed of that isn’t included on this list? Which do you disagree with? Tell me in the comments!


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  • orangenarwhal

    I love this! I see a therapist and have been seeing them on and off for like 10 years! (I’m almost 17.) It doesn’t mean you’re crazy, all it means is you just need a bit of extra help. I wish people wouldn’t make a big deal about it because I feel embarrassed when saying that I’m going to therapy but it’s really not a big deal at all.

  • Janell

    I completely agree with number 16. I hate that people make women feel ashamed of body hair. I’ve actually heard people say not shaving is bad hygiene and gross. Men have hair on their legs too, but no one thinks that’s gross. And what’s worse is I’m growing self conscious about it.

    • Ally

      My mom actually doesn’t want me to start shaving, because it will fall out on its own