8 Food Brands That Are Super Ridiculous On Twitter

Look, I don’t know what it is but for whatever reason so many food brands and restaurants have the wackiest Twitter accounts. Seriously, I don’t know if I want to side eye them or LOL. It’s probably because most of them are from our generation and know how to take advantage of a meme a lot easier than, say, anyone our parents’ age. So imagine you or your friend running the Twitter for a big name brand with hundreds of thousands of followers. When you think of it that way, there was no hope for normalcy with these companies. None. Just memes and weirdness for days.

If you want some unexpected hilarity on your Twitter feed, here are eight food brands that are worth following.

1) Nature Valley

This whole anime meme with Nature Valley is so random…and so brilliant.



2) Taco Bell

In case you’re ever feeling down…remember…


3) Denny’s

Oh my God. Literally a sight on every college campus.


But seriously, Denny’s entire social media presence is hilarious.


4) Oreo


Um, I think that Oreo needs to just deal with this in their Philosophy 101 class next semester, yeah?


5) Ben & Jerrys

Honestly, following this account just makes me upset that I don’t always have a pint of ice cream on me at all times. Emergency ice cream, never know when you might need it



6) Seamless

I know that when I’m relying on food delivery services to help me think of pickup lines that I’ve officially given up.


7) Grubhub

Grubhub is actually pretty educational because I didn’t know that bacon could be hipsterfied so easily. The more you know.


8) Velveeta

Okay, by far the biggest brand name trolls in social media right now. I don’t…even know what’s going on. At all. Help. Please explain.


What other ridiculous food accounts do you follow? Have you ever had a conversation with a big name brand on Twitter? Tell us in the comments!

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