15 Things You’ll Only Relate To If You’re A Gemini

On May 21 we moved into the Gemini zodiac sign, and we’ll be under the rule of Mercury until June 21. Geminis are air signs and are symbolized by the Twins, which can make it a little difficult to know which side will show. Everyone has different sides, but Geminis are pretty distinct in their differences. Don’t call them two-faced though!

Geminis are pretty balanced, which makes them good friends. However, they can change their minds quickly and that can be a little irritating. They’re also curious, so if you’re a curious Gemini and want to know more about your sign’s personality, keep reading!

1. You’re super practical.

Your two-sided sign allows you to be rational because you can see both sides of things.

2. You are very open-minded.

Because you’re so rational and practical, it helps you be open-minded to things.

3. You can adapt to almost any situation.

You can go with the flow pretty well.

*I’m not sure you’d be cool with getting turned into a llama though…

4. You love to try new things.

You’re always down for an adventure or something different!

5. You’re very intellectual.

It’s just part of your nature to be smart.

6. And you loooove learning.

Books on books on books.

7. You’re an excellent communicator.

You always communicate with your friends, family and loved ones because you hate how messy things can get if people aren’t talking to each other.

8. Which means you’re very chatty.

Sometimes you don’t know when to stop…

9. You’ve got wit quicker than a fox.

It’s basically a requirement.

10. Nervous energy is kind of your thing.

You don’t like to be in one place for too long so you get a bit antsy.

11. You are totally psyched about all the things.

You’re always excited to do stuff and have a very positive energy.

12. But you get bored really easily.

Geminis like to switch things up so you get bored of the same things very quickly.

13. And you have trouble focusing.

You get distracted like it’s your day job.

14. You can be very indecisive.

It’s more so that you’re adaptable, and it’s difficult for you to pick just one thing.

15. When you do make decisions, people listen.

You’re super persuasive and charming so people will basically do whatever you say.
Are you a Gemini? Do any of these traits apply to you? What other traits do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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  • KernalK

    Can any of this still apply to me if I’m a Pisces with Moon and Mars in Gemini?

  • Kitsune Inukami


  • PrincessPrisma

    All of them and yes I am a Gemini really wired how true stuff like this can be

  • konstantina

    all of them…i am a little creeped out but…ok!
    7 and 8 though….

  • Kenya

    omg that is soooo me hey I think your website is awesome- lots of good avice

  • Jessica

    I’m a Gemini too! Everything was spot-on!

  • Annie

    OMG that is so me… like… everything 😀

  • E to the G

    As i am a Gemini i can agree that all these things are applicable to us.

  • Angeles Valle

    I’m a Gemini and i love to give people advice, but when it comes to me.. i don’t apply them.

  • freezegirl22

    Can you please do a libra one? 🙂