Quiz: How Well Do You Know Early 00s Music?

How well do you know early '00s music? Take the quiz and find out!

How well do you know early ’00s music? Take the quiz and find out!

Even though ’90s nostalgia is all the rage, I’ve noticed that the early ’00s are getting a lot more nostalgia attention these days, too. Maybe it’s because most of the so-called children of the ’90s really experienced most of their growing up during the ’00s. And hey, the style might remain cringe worthy beyond reason, but there’s a lot to love about that period of time not so long ago. For example: The music. Seriously, some of the most iconic dance songs, rock songs, everything songs came out in the early ’00s.

But how well do you really remember those hits? Put on your Juicy sweatpants and your trucker hat and test your knowledge of early ’00s music in our quiz!


What singer or band were you obsessed with in the early ’00s? Which album did you play on repeat? Which music video stands out to you? Tell us in the comments!

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