8 Red Lipsticks That Are Perfect For Medium Skin Tones

Remember my post on the best red lipsticks for fair skin tones? Well, I didn’t forget about everyone else! Red lipstick is one of my favorite makeup products that can go on anyone. I truly believe every girl should have red lipstick in her makeup bag. A red lip and mascara can go a long way, trust me.

For girls with medium skin tones (like beige, olive and bronze), congratulations! Basically every shade of red works for you. However, there are still certain shades that are more flattering on you than others. I highly encourage that you try out several colors to find your true red match. I have medium olive skin and my go-to shade is an orange-red or a blood red. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

If you have medium skin, click through below to find out what shades work best for you. And for my dark-skinned ladies, your guide is on the way too!

Do you have medium skin? What’s your favorite shade of red to wear? Tell us in the comments!

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  • ccangel1001

    Thank you this is very helpful 🙂

  • awesomeness

    I think I officially love you right now!!! I was just looking around a whole bunch of make-up stores to find the perfect shades of red lipstick because I’m kinda new to make-up, but I think I wanna try like everything on here!!!