10 Dos And Don’ts Of Fighting With Your Siblings

Even if you have a good relationship with your siblings, you probably get into fights pretty often. My brother and I are really close and don’t fight a lot, but when we do, we really fight. Getting into it with your family just sucks, and it can cause a bunch of tension. I hate fighting with my brother especially since he’s one of my best friends, but these things happen.

It’s important to remember when you’re fighting with your siblings that you need to be very careful with your words. At the end of the day, they’ll always love you. But you don’t wnat to be a jerk to them, even if you’re in the middle of a huge fight.

Check out these tips for some dos and don’ts of fighting with your siblings:

1. Do: Listen

You want your sibling to listen to you, so you need to do the courtesy of listening to them as well. Don’t interrupt and let them say what they have to say.

2. Don’t: Give the silent treatment

The silent treatment is never a good idea, no matter who you’re fighting with. Especially if you live in the same house as your siblings, the silent treatment can create tension for your entire family.

3. Do: Take time to cool off

If you’re really, really angry, do yourself a favor and take a time out. Remove yourself from the situation to think things over and get yourself into a more calm mindset before talking things out.

4. Don’t: Yell

I know it’s hard, especially with family, not to yell when you’re in a fight. Trust me, I get it. But yelling will not get you anywhere and will only make things worse.

5. Do: Be loving and caring

Regardless of what you’re fighting about, always make sure you’re coming from a place of love and care. If you don’t agree with something your sibling is doing, let them know that you want to be supportive and are coming from a place of concern versus trying to lecture them.

6. Don’t: Say anything you’ll regret

This one is major. Always think before you speak so you don’t say anything you’ll regret. It’ll come back to bite you in the butt if you throw out nasty comments.

7. Do: Explain your side

Collect your thoughts and calmly explain your side of things, even if you don’t think your sibling will listen. You might be surprised how they react if you come from a mature, talk-it-out stance.

8. Don’t: Be manipulative

I have a friend whose sister is super manipulative when they’re fighting. She always twists things around to make my friend think she did something wrong when she didn’t. It’s scary. Don’t do that.

9. Do: Apologize if you’re wrong

If you did something wrong or your sibling has a legit reason to be mad at you, take responsibility for your actions and apologize. I know “I’m sorry” is really hard to say, but it goes a long way.

10. Don’t: Be stubborn

Don’t pull the “I’m not apologizing until you apologize” move, and don’t refuse to apologize. My parents use to make my brother and I sit together until one of us did, and I learned that it was better to own up if I did something than try to wait it out.

Do you fight with your siblings? How do you handle it? Tell us in the comments!

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  • GlenCoco

    6. Don’t say something you’ll regret..and the gif says “You just ruin everything don’t you..” I literally told my sister that like 2 days ago ._. :/ lol

  • Morgana5953

    11. Don’t: Resort to physical violence. My little sister is 10 now, but she used to slap me, usually my arms, when she was mad at me. I never hit her back, but I did tell my parents every time. She hasn’t done it in quite a while now, but it should never happen in the first place.