10 Horrifying Brand Mascots That Will Give You Nightmares

I have a lot of friends in advertising and marketing, and I’m always begging them to work their magic and push for their companies to use mascots that won’t haunt me in my dreams. Some brands, like Denny’s are cool enough on their own without one. But for some brands, having a mascot is necessary. It allows for the brand to be a little more personal, and it makes interacting with consumers more fun.

Y’all know I have some weird fears. I’m perfectly fine with being afraid of fish and dolls because I can easily avoid them. Advertising is not something I can easily avoid, especially since I work in the media. So creepy mascots really get on my nerves because they are EVERYWHERE. And some of them are absolutely terrifying.

Check out these horrible mascots if you dare:

What do you think about these mascots? Do you hate them as much as I do? What other mascots creep you out? Tell us in the comments!

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