The 15 Most Ridiculous Reasons Guys Need #MeninistTwitter

Being a feminist, I get a little irked when someone brings up the whole “But what about masculism/humanism/equalism?” debate. I understand why people are hesitant to use the word feminism because of its negative connotation. HOWEVER, until feminism is no longer needed (as in, until equality IS actually reached), we can’t use those words.

When I found out that #MeninistTwitter was trending over the weekend, I literally laughed out loud. First, I laughed because the meninist isn’t a word, and it sounds stupid. (Seriously, it tries to correct to “Leninist” and “meningitis” in spell check.) Then I laughed because I started reading them, and it’s the same thing as the #ineedmasculismbecause twitterstorm that occurred a while back. Basically it’s a bunch of tweets about how “oppressed” men are from people who don’t understand that feminism is NOT about getting free handouts.

Of course there are things that are unequal for men like the issue of child custody rates in divorce cases or that sexual assault does in fact happen to men. However, feminism fights for men’s rights as well, which seems to be a confusing concept for a lot of people. I get that this is supposed to be a joke, but the fact of the matter is that there are very real issues that feminism is fighting for. Diminishing those issues with stupid tweets about how guys have it so difficult is really annoying.

Ah yes, kicking things off with a hearty “Get back to the kitchen!” joke.

Violence is never okay. A woman hitting a man isn’t okay, and a man hitting a woman isn’t okay. But responding to violence with more violence also isn’t okay.

And this is male oppression how?


Yup, having to put a toilet seat down is definitely equivalent to serious issues. Good point.

I just…

We can.

What about the guys who don’t watch sports, brah?

*This guy was really on a roll for a while.

Don’t worry, no one wants your penis pics.

Then you can’t have my hoodie either!

Ask whoever makes calendars.

I don’t know which women are making fun of non-bearded men. I do know with that attitude, no girl wants you even thinking about her boobs, flat-chested or not!

I mean, if you ask someone out, you should probs pay. That’s kind of how it works. If I asked a guy out, I would pay.

Hmm I see. Yes, this makes total sense.

This one isn’t ridiculous, but it basically summarizes the whole topic.
What do you think about this hashtag? Which one is the most ridiculous? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Candyskull

    I see that all these so called “man of power”, have a problem with some things we do..
    Like umm I don’t even know where to begin.. okey so I see that most of them are just saying (honestly) the stupidest things, just so they can put #MeninistTwitter on the end of their sentence. Like, bro, do you even UNDERSTAND what you wrote there, huh? Likely no.
    And what is with that “That is MY way of throwing off the rusty shackles of Male Oppression and Patriarchy.”? The f*** are you talking about? We have lived in Patrarchy since all the wars began! I’m sorry, but you guuuuuys started it. There are documents that during Matriarchy there were less wars, problems around rulling or even earliest policy, try to think about it.. millions years ago, we didn’t had as much as wars or any problems connected to them as we do now, huh is it akward in here or what? And now, men feel attackeed, and suppressed oh noooo.. I understand if something serious is involved, but this is just plain stupid, I’m sorry but it just is. Don’t put some kind of stupid text just so you could end it with #MeninistTwitter.
    Is like if I said “Ugh, the guys I hang out are taller them me, I feel attacked from this ah.. They show too much power omg. #DramaFeministTwitterUgh”

    I will stop here, because I could continue for hours, but I don’t think there is a need for it. c:

  • Ashia

    Most of this is extremely stupid and it seems like trolling,but some of them actually are just addressing standards that society says men should meet because their a man. I get outraged over society’s standards when it comes to BOTH genders so I’m not puking or getting frustrated with all of these.i actually agree with some.but of course they’re acting more victimized by it than they need to. An example is the one that says “when there is a loud noise downstairs in the middle of the night,why can’t you check it.” It’s true that most women calls this the MAN’s role,but if he doesn’t like to he could just stand up to his gf/wife/ whatever lady and stay “that’s not me.” If they leave you because of it,then they weren’t for you anyways.

  • Meg

    This is utterly ridiculous… most of them don’t even make sense. Like, the Christmas Eve, Christmas Adam one. Eve means before… what does Adam even mean…? Could you even image calling Christmas Eve “Christmas Adam”? Could you?
    It would be like, “Oh hey, what you doing this christmas Adam, huh”
    “Oh, you know, the same as every Chrismas Adam…” 🙁

    Rant over.

  • Ivy

    I’d rather say, if you’re going out with someone, you should split the bill in half. It’s somehow fairer that way.:)

  • katliyn

    I don’t see anything wrong with this. Why is it okay when girls say the exact same things?

  • awkwardGal22

    This is seriously disgusting.

  • sylphofblood

    Excuse me, I think I’m going to puke. This is too disgusting.