Want The Female Masturbation App, HappyPlayTime? Here’s Why You Can’t Get It

happyplaytimeAbout a year ago, I wrote a post where I introduced you guys to an amazing female masturbation app called HappyPlayTime. The app is designed to educate girls about female masturbation through fun and silly games, interesting trivia, and an overall light-hearted tone about masturbation that doesn’t make it seem taboo or terrifying. I was really excited about the future release of the app, and judging from the comments, so were all of you. For once, here was an app about sexuality for ladies, not just men. Finally!

Well, curb your excitement right now. HappyPlayTime was supposed to be available on Apple devices months ago, but the release kept getting delayed… and now it looks like it may never happen, on Apple devices at least. Despite the excited buzz about the app from those in the know, HappyPlayTime was rejected from the Apple App Store on May 13th, meaning you’ll probably never be able to download it onto your iPhone.

So, why didn’t this app make it onto the app store? Although no one from Apple said this exactly, I’m going to assume it wasn’t the right fit because it is about female masturbation, which is unfortunately still a very touchy topic in our society. The Huffington Post published the email HappyPlayTime designer Tina Gong received from representatives of the Apple Store, and which said: “…We appreciate the time and resources you have committed to iOS development but at this time, the concept of your app is just not one that we feel is appropriate for the App Store.” So, basically, they don’t want to promote and sell the app because it has to do with female masturbation.

To say this is frustrating is putting it mildly. HappyPlayTime is in no way sexually explicit or NSFW. It’s about sexual education! There are no “racy” or “sexy” images involved, either – the artwork is all cute renderings of a vagina made to look like a happy, smiling woman (and you wouldn’t even know it was a vagina if you didn’t look closely!). Gong had even changed the rating of the app from users 12 and older to 17+ to make sure it had a chance to be featured. How can this be deemed so inappropriate that the App Store refuses to be apart of it?

Considering that Apple representatives said that this was about the “concept” of the app, it seems that the only reason this was deemed as too inappropriate is because of the subject. It’s not a matter of being worried about whether it will sell or not – HappyPlayTime was wildly popular on the Internet before it was even available for sale, meaning it would almost definitely have been successful. I think Apple is crazy for passing on this opportunity, and I’m so disappointed in the decision.

This is more appropriate than HappyPlayTime? Hm.. okay.

This is more appropriate than HappyPlayTime? Hm.. okay.

I honestly don’t understand what makes this app so inappropriate. Masturbation is extremely common. It’s normal, it’s healthy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Despite the fact that our society doesn’t seem to want to admit that girls masturbate just as much, if not more, than dudes (and enjoy it just as much, if not more), surveys show otherwise. A 2012 study shows that 46.6 percent of women masturbate less than once a month. It’s two years later, and I’m sure that number has increased. Apple can’t argue that there isn’t a demand for content about female masturbation when numbers like that exist.

This decision is even more disappointing when you consider some of the apps that are available for guys. There’s an app called Wobble, which allows you to upload any photo, target the “bouncy bits” (read: boobs), and make them “wobble.” When it was banned, creators simply took away any mention of breasts, and then it was allowed back up. But let’s not pretend it isn’t still used the same exact way. This is more appropriate than HappyPlayTime?

Or what about the many men’s magazines that are deemed appropriate enough for the App Store? Magazines like Playboy, FHM, Sports Illustrated, and Maxim (just to name a few) all boast apps that include hundreds of pictures of real girls in skimpy bikinis, put there just so guys can look at them. FHM’s app includes features like “Girl Of The Week” and “Non-Stop Honeys,” along with videos like “Young and Hardly Innocent.” When the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue came out earlier this year, it was the number one featured app on the App Store! And I don’t think it’s hard to guess what kind of things you can find on the Playboy app.

Yes, these are major magazines, and that’s probably why they’re getting away with this stuff, but still. How are images of bikini-clad girls put on there specifically to make guys excited more appropriate than a sexual education app about female masturbation that only includes cute drawings? It doesn’t make sense, and it’s absolutely not fair.

You can’t even argue that HappyPlayTime is more inappropriate because it gives girls tips on how to masturbate. I can’t count the amount of apps that are available to download that include sex tips for adults and couples, including detailed drawings of different sexual positions. It’s the same thing, except HappyPlayTime isn’t about males in any way. HappyPlayTime was made for females, about female sexuality, and I think that is the reason it makes Apple uncomfortable.

Luckily, Gong isn’t giving up on HappyPlayTime just yet. The app will be made into a web-based game, so you can check it on your computer (or on your Safari browser on your iPhone). She also told the Huffington Post that she has sent an appeal to Apple, saying, “Thinking differently means breaking some boundaries, and occasionally getting people’s panties in a bunch.” Love that!

I’m hopeful that the negative reactions to this decision will make Apple reconsider their decision, but I’m not too sure it will work. Until society can get over their discomfort at the thought of women enjoying sex, we probably won’t be able to download apps like HappyPlayTime. In the meantime, let’s get word of this app out there, and encourage all girls to continue to be proud of and own their sexuality.

Are you disappointed that HappyPlayTime was rejected from The App Store? Do you think it’s too inappropriate for users? Do you agree or disagree with me? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Anney Auster

    Masturbation is a great way to lessen tension in your body. It’s a very safe way to have an orgasm. And it’s probably the best way to learn about how your body likes to be loved. But masturbation, like most things, takes practice. And the only way to learn about your own sexual response is to try it. Read more about it at: http://bit.ly/WLl9kp

  • rachelf

    EThis is lame I have two teen girl we are very open in the lines of communication recently my almost 18 yr old has asked me questions bout how to masturbate etc etc, I was very pleased to know she feels like she can come to me about anything I was also pleased that she was interested in looking for her sexuality within herself instead of determining herself and her sexuality (which by the way is a part of our lives most of our lives so to have our sexuality based on what we do for another person or what they think is sexy does not promote the seeds of independence self esteem or self confidence) by the ideas and perception of a sexual partner’s. I was pleased to know she is trying to find herself on her own an also that she is aware that she doesn’t need a man or woman for that matter to love her she can love herself and …of course that she doesn’t want to just give herself to someone until she know herself in the most vulnerable ways. In turn she is less at risk for young pregnancy and studs, and she values her body. What was SO MUCH OF A DISCOURAGING AND FAILING FEELING FOR ME AS A MOM TO HAVE HER COME TO ME WITH A NO HOLDS BARRED QUESTION WAS THAT EVEN THOUGH I KNOW HOW TO MASTURBATE I HAD NO CLUE HOW TO EXPLAIN OR DIRECT HER AND AN APP LIKE HAPYTIMES WOULD HAVE BEEN A START THANKS TO ALL THE JACKOFFS ( pun intended) who seem to knowingly or by ignorance still promote that women are to be ashamed of loving themselves this is totally in the same ballpark as women in other countries not being able to show their faces or legs, women having to live a life of servitude to the opposite sex and also is indicative of the way most sex is portrayed publicly that sex is for the man the woman is basically exploited, come on you insecure people women who masturbate are better lovers and more secure with themselves which make them better wives friends dates daughters sisters moms aunts and gmas. And let’s face it WITHOUT THE FEMALE LIVE WOULD CEASE TO EXSIST . We deserve to love ourselves inside and out. I frown on apple and honestly like android much better will they give happy time a shot? Bet its worth a try huh. Apple won’t run it because they feel it would not be appropriate for their rep? Hello your company is named after the fruitthat EVE picked from the tree of evil which supposedly introduced mankind to sin and evil and the apple on ur logo even has a bite taken from its! Ironic ain’t it.

  • Amy

    I actually subscribed to the website for HappyPlayTime because I was really excited about finding out about when the app was going to be released. I didn’t realise they were only appealing to get it on Apple though, unfortunately I have no access to Apple. Either way I think it is very unfair that this App is not being accepted when there many other scandalous apps that are considered perfectly acceptable.

    • Jillian

      They had planned to release it on Android as well, but a web based version would be better for everyone as would work on any device. Honestly, would be easier to make it with pure html5 and css3.

  • Maggie

    I didn’t hear about this until this second… but I would really like to see this app! Grrrrrr!! I’m mad at apple. There should be a petition!!

  • Aria

    I find this so upsetting. I was really looking forward to this. If anything, it’s more medical than sexual. I just wish female masturbation wasn’t so taboo. I wish ladies could be recognized sexually the same way males are without being thought of as “slutty”.

  • Hailey

    I’m really sad about this. I was so excited for this app. This is a pretty dumb decision on Apple’s part. There’s nothing inappropriate about it.