Would You Rather: Family Road Trip Drama

What annoying family road trip scenario would you rather endure? Source: National Lampoon's Vacation

What annoying family road trip scenario would you rather endure? Source: National Lampoon’s Vacation

Summer is prime family togetherness time and nothing forces you to spend time with your family quite like a family road trip. Honestly, some quality family bonding is nice and all…until it isn’t anymore. It’s all fun and games until your parents fight about driving directions, your sibling picks crappy music to play in the car and you happen to contract food poisoning somewhere along the way.

We’ve all had semi-disastrous or irritating family adventures on the open road. Decide which terrible scenario you’d rather be in in our Would You Rather poll!



What’s the worst family vacation you’ve ever been on? Would you rather vacation with your family or friends? Tell us in the comments?

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  • Chase Marie

    We were on our way to Florida, my dad, my Nan, my mom & i. When my Nan started singing Elvis in the car while my dad accidentally rolled my fingers up in the window. I thought i had broken all my fingers, but when that happened my dad got out & gave me a lollipop & turned down the awful music. We were on our way back from the White Elephant in Boca Grande, Florida. My dad had gotten a call that our cat Patches died. I was soooo sad 🙁 R.I.P Patches. When we had gotten almost home back to my home state of Kentucky our car broke down on I 75. We were there from 2am-5am until AAA came. So yeah this is my worst vacation story