10 Signs You’re Trying Too Hard and Turning Him Off

Few things are more cringeworthy than people who try too hard, especially when it comes to dating or relationships. It’s frustrating to deal with someone who is just a little too clingy, needy, and available, because we all need some space sometimes. But even though this is something that annoys everyone, it’s also something that we are all guilty of doing at one point or another.

When it comes to dating, sometimes we try too hard because we really like the person and we don’t want them to slip from our grasp. Sometimes, we don’t even realize we’re doing it. It’s not a crime, and it’s not something to be ashamed of – trying hard means you’re passionate! But it can definitely turn some people off, which is exactly what you’re trying not to do. Think that’s happening to you? Here are 10 signs you’re trying too hard.

Do you think you try too hard when it comes to dating? Do you know anyone who acts like this? What signs did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


10 signs you’re dating him for the wrong reasons

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  • KoKaKola

    All of these applies to men as well, very well written. Thanks

  • billiard

    Clearly a woman wrote this (looks at authors name and is correct in my assumption). I don’t know why WOMEN always write articles on what MEN want. You are not a man. So you aren’t an expert at anything.

    I have never once heard a single man complain about a woman “trying to hard” to get their attention. To put it bluntly: men are simple minded and mainly think with their private parts. I have seen girls try as hard as walking around with their breasts hanging out of a VERY low cut shirt, wearing short short, and sucking on a lollipop in order to get their attention. Not ONE of the men I was working with said anything about her “trying too hard”. She was desperately trying to get their attention and she did. Being CLINGY in a relationship and trying too hard to attract a man are 2 totally different things. Men don’t like clingy women. Men have no problems with women trying hard to get their attention. I have seen every pathetic move in the book from women trying to get guys to notice them and sadly, it ALWAYS works.