How Do You Get Wet Down There?

Hi Heather,

I want to know how I can get really wet down there for masturbation. Sometimes I am but sometimes I’m not. How can I make myself wet down there?

When girls are aroused, we get “wet” down there. Our body is producing a natural lubricant that not only makes having sex easier, but also makes it feel better. It’s actually really cool! So, the short answer for this is that in order to get wet for masturbation, you need to get yourself aroused.

Since this just happens naturally, there’s no real way to control it. Sometimes we get wet without even realizing it, which can be annoying. Even more annoying is that sometimes it doesn’t happen when we actually want it to. If you’re sexually aroused, you should just naturally get wet down there. If you’re aroused and you’re not getting like that, you may just need to help yourself along a little bit.

First of all, figure out what turns you on. This is different for every single person, so it’s something you just need to learn on your own by experimenting sexually. You can do this by just thinking about stuff, reading erotica or watching porn. Really, whatever works for you is fine, there’s no wrong answer here. Once you know what turns you on, think about it or watch/read it before you’re ready to masturbate. As you get sexually aroused, you should start getting wet down there.

Second thing you need to do? Relax and don’t think about it too much! If you’re stressed about it happening, or you’re just obsessing over it, it may not happen. It’s the same reason we can’t orgasm if we’re not relaxed – our bodies are on edge. When you’re ready to masturbate, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed.

If you’re still having trouble getting wet down there, help yourself along by using lubricant. You can buy lube anywhere, and it’s usually inexpensive. Start by using lube and as you get more aroused, you should just start getting wet on your own. If you NEVER get wet on your own, talk to your gynecologist. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to experiment with different things – there’s nothing wrong with using a little lube to get yourself going!

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Do guys think it’s weird if we get really wet when hooking up?

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  • mclovin

    I’m 14 and I find myself with a white gooey substance in my underwear when I come home from school, why is this and how can I control it?

    • Amy

      Hey, I’m 13 and it’s discharge. It’s like your vagina cleaning itself and that’s the by product. You can’t really control it though…

  • Hi! I would like some more advice. I never get wet. Even when I’m highly aroused, it doesn’t happen. I only get a tiny teensy little bit wet when I’m already having an orgasm but never before that doesn’t matter how aroused I am or for how long I’m already aroused.
    Can you please help me? I’m getting desperate!

  • Lilly

    Hey I get wet when I see this hot guy so I ask him I if he can finger me and he said yes so now we have sex btw I’m 13

  • Kendall

    This article actually answered a few of my questions. If you want to get further into how it progresses if this didn’t help you, you can do some research until you find something that tells you what you want to know.

  • Maggie

    Umm that is really weird and even sadder for me being a girl knowing now about periods:(

  • Maddy

    I was hoping this would give a more scientific answer – _ –