12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re Always Stressed Out

One of my biggest hurdles in life is figuring out how to deal with stress. I’ve always been like this, even when I was in school. It’s gotten to the point where if I’m not stressed out, I get stressed about not being stressed. This obviously ties into my anxiety, but being constantly stressed is a problem on its own. Sure, being stressed means I care about the things I do and helps me get things done. But it’s really not healthy to live in a world of chronic stress.

Lucky for y’all, you’re about to start summer break and have some time to chill before the new school year. Some of you are still dealing with stress from finals. Others are dealing with the stress of graduating and heading to college. Stress can always find a way into your life no matter what you’re doing. If you’re always stressed out, you can definitely relate to these 12 things:

1. Caffeine is its own food group.

Coffee, tea, whatever. If it has caffeine, GIVE IT TO ME.

2. The smallest things can irritate you.

Seriously, chipping your nail can make you SO annoyed when you’re stressed.

3. Something completely ridiculous will make you snap.

One time I started crying because Boston Market gave me sweet potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.

4. You don’t know what sleep is.


5. “Relaxing” makes you more stressed because you feel like you should be doing something.

What is this “chill” you speak of?

6. If you’re not doing three things at once, you’re doing it wrong.

You deserve an award for multi-tasking.

7. Headaches are the norm for you.

I can’t even hear myself think.

8. You freak about making plans because it’s another thing you have to do.


9. You might accidentally lash out at people.

I’m sorry for the things I said when I was stressed.

10. Or exhibit some bad habits.

Ha see ya nails!

11. You feel like there’s never enough time in the day.

Can I get, like, five more hours?

12. You have to remind yourself to breathe.

You think it’s involuntary, but it’s not.

Are you always stressed? Do you relate to any of the above? How do you deal with stress? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Spain

    Oh my god yes! Grades are due this week! I have 6 geometry assignments due today and I’ve only finished 2.5 of them and so I have five hours because I begged me mom to let me stay home until that class (we aren’t doing anything important in previous classes) a science and history project due on Wednesday MORE geometry hw due Thursday along with finals that day you know now that I type it its not a lot… YES IT IS! *sobs of despair while working*

  • Angel

    My life story…

  • Samha

    Yes!! This is so me. I am such a perfectionists that if I don’t like what I do I will literally start over completely even if it’s a four page essay. I feel like it’s bad that om this stressed even though I’m just in seventh grade. But I cant help it. I mean like yesterday I found out I got a 58% on a test and I literally started crying for 5 mind straight and the class average was 57% so it wasn’t even that bad. And I always have a craving for starbucks when I’m really stressed. I feel like I’m ranting. Okay I’m done now.

  • Elizabeth

    Finals week, yo.

  • Stacey

    Preach, Sister Caitlin. Amen!!