10 Things That Will Happen When You Go Off Birth Control Pills

After being on the birth control pill for almost 10 years, I finally made the decision to stop using them a few months ago. It was a personal choice that had nothing to do with wanting to get pregnant (God, no). My birth control pills were, quite literally, driving me crazy. They were giving me uncontrollable mood swings, and eventually started giving me migraines that made my doctor worry about the possibility of blood clots. I decided that the best decision, for me, would be to stop using birth control pills once and for all.

It’s been a few months, and the adjustment hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. There are definitely some things that are annoying about going off the pill (see more info on that below), but overall, my moods have greatly improved and my terrible PMS headaches have gotten a lot better. I’m really happy with my decision, and unless something changes, I don’t think I’ll be back on the pill anytime soon.

If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, you’re probably wondering what happens when you go off birth control pills. This was something I researched a lot before I went off mine, because I was really nervous. While the symptoms can be very different for everyone, it’s good to know the basics of what happens to some people. I’m not encouraging anyone to go off the pill if you like it – use the method of birth control that works for you! It’s just good to know that you do have options. Here are 10 things that will happen when you go off your birth control pills: 

Have you ever gone off birth control pills? What was your experience like? Why did you choose to go off them? Tell me in the comments.


10 things to know before taking birth control pills

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  • Rachel Craig

    I just stopped taking the pill and this article is completely accurate 100% as to why I stopped taking them and the way I am feeling. Thanks for this info. It has made me feel alot better about my decision!

  • Klara

    I didn’t have a period for over 8 months after I quit the pill! It’s called “post-pill amenorrhea and happens fairly often apparently.
    My period now is lighter & more regular than when I was on the pill.

  • michelle

    I am going through all of those symptoms now. It is so confusing because I really feel pregnant. My last “withdrawal” period was Dec 15, 2014. It is Jan 25, 2015 and I have not started my natural period yet. I had no symptoms at all until two weeks ago. My nipples were hurting bad and my breasts tingling. Then, a few days later I started cramping. The cramps are really in the middle and lowest part of my abdomen. I have been bloated for days. My nipples no longer hurt, but my breasts still tingle occasionally. Last night, I couldn’t sleep and I felt nauseous. The nausea continued all day today, along with heartburn. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. I have no clue if I ovulated. I did have unprotected sex with my husband. I don’t know if what I am feeling are normal coming off the pill symptoms or if I am pregnant. It is SO confusing and I can’t wait to find out either way.

  • Amanda

    I can totally accept all of these a few days a week versus the way hormonal birth control made me feel ALL THE TIME.

  • Cara

    It’s so funny that I came across this article because I’ve been on the pill for about 10 years too and I recently got off of it for the 2nd time. The first time I tried to get off of it, my back and my face broke out like crazy. I was mortified and went back on it. I talked to my doctor and he said I’m pretty much stuck on it for life..great. So I tried again recently and I’m doing pretty okay. I will totally have to agree at your “10 Things That Will Happen When You Get Off Birth Control Pills.” I think everything that you’ve mentioned has happened to me! It sucks. But you’re right…taking the pill everyday was annoying. 🙂

  • Ashley

    I actually had to quit them because I had a blood clot in my left lung. If I didn’t go in to the hospital that day I could have had a heart attack and died.