7 Girls Who Were Kicked Out Of Prom For Ridiculous Reasons

Prom season isn’t complete without stories of girls getting accused of being lusty temptresses for ridiculous reasons. Prom night as well be called the night-of-body-shaming because that’s all that happens to dozens of girls who end up getting excluded from prom festivities for daring to have a body. And if it isn’t that, it’s daring to attend prom while queer or dateless.

Here are seven mind boggling cases of girls getting banned from prom that will make you see red.

Do you think some of these reasons were fair? What other ridiculous prom bans have you heard about? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Heartgirl

    There is nothing wrong liking the same gender I mean some people like boys and there girls if dating the same gender is not liked than dating the different gender should be disliked too

  • Mrs.payne13

    Omg so wrong me and my friend are reading this she’s a lesbian she took this very bad so rude stupid school!!!

  • Kat

    Where I am.. My school just had prom and that’s stupid for not bringing a date!!! I know friends that went to prom dateless! It makes me angry that schools nowadays are making over the top rules to limit this and that… It’s ridiculous and stupid..

  • XxCrystalxX

    Wow thats so wrong to make the lesbian couple leave the prom. I’m in Catholic School and I hate it, plus religion is taken way too seriously. It’s judge mental. Which is exactly why I’m going to a new school.

  • Kelly

    The first one was a prom for home school christian teens, which explans the “crazy” chaperons.

  • Heather

    Honestly, this makes me sad. Everyone should have the right to be who they are, wear what they want and stand out. If you want to wear a nice dress, great! I dont think they should kick you out even if you were wearing pajamas. Be who you want to be and date who you want to date.

  • Musical

    The Catholic church only says that gays can’t get married in the church, Pope John Paul II says basically as long as their chaste like all other un-married couples their fine. If any catholic says otherwise, they most likely don’t study catechism to well.

  • virgo96

    these things are ridiculous. School is where students are taught to stand out and be their own person, but if their own person is not considered “normal” then it isnt allowed. that is stupid.

  • katliyn

    The cleavage one isn’t ridiculous and she didn’t have to wear a different dress but hers is really tight if she got got a bigger size It wouldn’t of shown as much

    • chealsea ann

      You say this… this is probably coming from a flat chested person otherwise you would know even if the dress is bigger the neckline would still be low so… yeah

      • Brie

        I’m a DDD, I wore a strapless dress to my prom both years, senior year it was a sweetheart neckline similar to that one and I did not have nearly as much cleavage showing, I had to get my dress two sizes larger than my normal clothing size for it to fit my chest, but that’s what you have to do when you have large breasts, you dress for the girls, and make alterations for the rest of your body if necessary.

  • Melody

    So sad and ridiculous. Before reading the details on the one about the girl wearing pants, however, I agreed that she shouldn’t be wearing those particular pants, because there was probably a formal dress code and those were jeans. But after reading the description, if there was no dress code, then that’s ridiculous.

  • Jordan

    In the first one – Worth noting, not “worth nothing.”

  • Amy

    The last one seems really strange to me because at my school and most others in my area that I know of people don’t really take dates to prom. Probably partly because only students who go to the school are allowed to go but even those who do have boy/girlfriends at the same school tend to go as a group with their friends. Prom is seen to be more of a friend occasion than a relationship one – we don’t have corsages or that sort of thing either.