10 Summer Beauty Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

I could literally shout from the rooftops about how excited I am for summer to be here! This past winter made me completely miserable. It was so cold that I thought it would never be warm again. It’s the middle of May, and we’ve still had a few cool days. I’m not necessarily looking forward to the devastating heat that will hit us, but I am excited for it to just be warm and sunny. I need sunlight! Summer is also my favorite season for makeup because I love being able to bust out bright colors, metallics and beachy looks. But you have to transition into summer makeup, which means mistakes will happen.

When it’s hot outside, makeup tends to melt and get gross. Eye makeup smudges, mascara runs and you’re walking around with cake-face. That ain’t cute. I can help you prevent these things before it’s too late! Check out these summer beauty mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making:

Do you make any of these mistakes in the summer? What else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Amy

    haha it makes me laugh that you guys think summer means sun! Here in Scotland it’s rarely sunny enough to go out without jumper during uly never mind needing to protect your hair and use oil blotting sheets! And no, my skin will not get any darker in the summer even if I was in Spain because I’m ginger and have freckles and I do not tan AT ALL – surely I can’t be the only one? This article just made me laugh 🙂

    • Hailey

      I never tan either, so most of this is irrelevant for me. I live in Canada, and while it does get really nice in the summer, there are still a lot of days where I have to wear a jacket.