The 15 Most Annoying Stereotypes About Being Girlfriends We’re Sick Of Hearing

There are a lot of female stereotypes out there that make me really angry. I hate stereotypes in general, but I especially hate unfair ones about my gender, obviously because they affect me the most. Out of all the terrible female stereotypes out there, some of the worst are about how girls act when they’re in a relationship.

Few things make me as angry as society’s idea that girlfriends are naggy, annoying, sexless creatures who make dudes miserable. It’s so unfair and ends up discouraging a lot of people from real commitments and relationships. This stereotype is everywhere, from movies to TV shows to books, and it’s the worst. So, I was thrilled to see a thread about this on Ask Reddit, which is my absolute favorite site to look at when I’m bored (or procrastinating). Courtesy of this thread, here are the 15 most annoying stereotypes about girlfriends we’re all sick of hearing.

Which of these stereotypes annoys you the most? Do you think any are actually true? What did we forget? Tell me in the comments!


15 gender roles we wish didn’t exist 

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  • Much Complicate

    As long as you’re not just annoyed by it because you do it. And that’s not supposed to be an insult. If you actually don’t exhibit these stereotypes then this article is very much appreciated.

    I am just pretty darn tired of girls who complain about them but still do them. They have no right to complain.

  • PieLover2808

    #7 is the story of my life. I hate when people think that when guys fart in public or something, it’s all right. But then, when girls fart, everyone looks at them like they started World War III or something.

    • Harsha

      My first time was with my best friend tnuerd boyfriend Richard. He invited me on a date. We both had dinner and we were just walking off the streets and suddenly it started we ran to his car and he got me home that night i was alone at home so i invited him inside my house. We were drinking coffe and suddenly he started kissing me he took me in my bedroom we were on bed kissing eachother then started undressing me slowly and then he entered me it was slow but it pained a bit. It was very emotional for both of us coz we both were virgins.:D.

  • Ivy

    Yeah. The myth that women are not interested in sex is very common. What is also common is the myth that says women who want to have sex are sluts.

    I’m tired of these stereotypes x(