10 Crazy, Interesting Facts About Bisexuality

Bisexuality is defined as having sexual and romantic feelings towards both men and women. Despite the fact that bisexuality is something that is discussed a lot, there is still a lot of discussion and debate over it. Even though many people identify as bisexual – including well-known celebrities – some people still don’t think it’s a real thing. We’ll get to that later, though.

I believe that bisexuality is legitimate, and I easily get frustrated with the confusion over it. A lot of people don’t realize that bisexuality has a lot of history! So, if you want to know more about this sexual orientation, read on. Here are 10 crazy, interesting facts about bisexuality that you should definitely know:

And here’s a video on bisexuality that you’ve gotta watch!

Which of these facts about bisexuality surprised you the most? What did you know already? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


7 comments about bisexuality

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  • Shazam

    Guys hush! Jesus bisexual means bisexual you like guys and girls and that’s all to it. Don’t really get into details it’s waiting life

  • Charlotte

    I would just like to point out that actually, bisexual means being attracted to genders both same and different than your own. (For instance, if you are a woman, you are attracted to both women and people of other genders.) Please stop the erasure of non-binary folk. Many, many people feel hurt and feel like their gender isn’t valid when people use the definition if bisexuality that you did, Jessica. I know you weren’t trying to hurt anyone, it’s just a really touchy, convoluted subject. What your definition is actually describing is polysexuality. Polysexuality is being attracted to more than one gender, but not all. For each person it is different (for example, a polysexual could be attracted to women, neutrois people, and agender people, but not men, aliagender people, or genderqueer people). Nonetheless, thank you for writing this otherwise informative article.

    • Lauren

      Bi means two. Bisexuality is being attracted to men and women. If you’re attracted to everyone, that’s pansexual. Please get your facts straight before you go on uneducated rants.

      • Charlotte

        Actually bi refers to two as (1) same and (2) other genders. Pan means all, as in all genders. They are worded differently because they are not exactly the same, but extremely similar. Please get your facts straight before unwisely responding to educated rants.

      • Allison

        Lauren, please understand that the “man and woman” definition of bisexuality comes from the straight world. The bisexual community should be allowed to define bisexuality, and for decades, the community has defined it in terms of same and other genders or more than one gender.

  • Callie

    About the Romans – wasn’t Apollo supposed to be bi? The myth about the origin of the hyacinth flower has him falling in love with a boy named Hyacinthus (thus the name). Unfortunately, Apollo ended up killing the dude.

  • angie

    this is a really interesting article, jessica! i recently found out i’m bisexual and i didn’t know half of these things. and to the people who made that study that suggests bisexuality isn’t legit, try telling THAT to my girlfriend!