8 Tanning Myths You Need To Stop Believing ASAP

I’ll admit that I love being tan. I feel more confident and just like the way I look when I’m tan. However, after my skin cancer scare a while back, I’m much more about sun safety than getting a good glow. I may not like the way I look personally when I’m pale, but I certainly like it better than having melanoma. I used to believe that getting a base tan was good for you and that I didn’t need sunscreen if I never burned. I was so wrong.

I know that no one wants to wear sunscreen or have to feel burdened to reapply it, but its purpose is to protect you from something really harmful. You might think that skipping SPF everyday is no big deal, but it IS a big deal. You should wear SPF everyday! It’s going to keep your skin protected and looking young. You’re getting a lot of damage just from walking around sans SPF, but if you’re tanning, you’re getting a lot more damage. You need to stop believing these myths about tanning and sunscreen right now:

Did you believe any of these tanning myths? Will these stop you from tanning? Tell us in the comments!

Stop believing these makeup myths

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    Tanning is certain skin cells, melanocytes, that produce the pigment melanin, which surrounds the nucleus to help protect it from UV rays. tanning is good- if you didnt tan you would burn. However, just being exposed to UV rays increases the risk of skin cancer.