15 Things Only People In Therapy Will Understand

May is Mental Health Month, in case you didn’t know. I love busting myths about mental health and shutting down mental health stereotypes. It’s not only something that’s really important, but I struggle with mental health issues of my own. I hate being stigmatized for having anxiety, and I want to do what I can to help others who struggle with mental health.

Therapy is not for “crazy” people. Therapy is for people. Therapy is used to treat mental illnesses and to treat issues that have nothing to do with mental illness. It’s something that helped me greatly even before I had anxiety, and it’s something that helps me now that I have it. I don’t want to discourage anyone from seeing a therapist. Actually, I think everyone should see a therapist. If you are in therapy, you’ll definitely understand and relate to these things:

1. It takes a lot to get you there.

Before you go to therapy, it can take a lot to actually get you there. My mom basically forced me to see my new therapist, but I am so glad that she did because I needed to go.

2. You probably didn’t find a therapist you loved on the first try.

I was in therapy after the death of a friend, but I hated my therapist so much. She was not helpful at all, and I needed to see a few others before I found one that I clicked with.

3. You love your therapist sometimes.

My therapist is the besttttt!

4. You completely hate them other times.

But I really hate her sometimes. Mostly when she’s right.

5. Some days you have A LOT to talk about.

Yesterday I was a total chatterbox.

6. Others you don’t want to talk at all.

And you don’t have to! You can literally go the entire session without speaking if you want.

7. You think of ways to get out of your appointments when you don’t want to go.

Especially if you’re having a particularly hard day and don’t want to talk about your feelings.

8. You get frustrated when your therapist gives you homework.


9. Your therapist is the only one you can tell certain things to.

They technically can’t spill your secrets unless you’re a danger to yourself or others. It’s a safe space, and your therapist isn’t there to judge you.

10. And they’re the only one who can make you feel certain things.

I’ve cried about things that I didn’t even know upset me.

11. You feel like you can’t lie to your therapist.


12. When people say things like this, you get annoyed.

Don’t say it like you think there’s something wrong with it, okay?

13. You feel exhausted after sessions.

Talking about your emotions is really hard.

14. You hate it when people ask what you talk about in therapy.

That’s none of your business.

15. You don’t know how people get through life without a therapist.

Seriously, I just don’t get it.

Are you in therapy? Do you relate to any of the above? Tell us in the comments!

If you have anxiety, you understand these struggles

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  • Therapists are like shoes. Some don’t fit right. Some seem to fit, but then give you blisters. Some get worn out. I hated my first therapist. My second one was nice, but after a while she wasn’t helping me anymore. The next woman had potential, but after a bit I found that we simply didn’t work. I love my current therapist so much.

  • Ashlie

    This is so true. I sometimes feel weird even mentioning therapy to my friends because people are ignorant to it.

  • The Silent Fox

    I should be in therapy for depression, social anxiety and some other complicated stuff. I went for my first appointment and really likes the woman, I thought it was going to be great and I really needed the help. But then I got a phone-call saying she’d been taken into hospital long term for some reason and they’ll need to switch me over to a different therapist. Four months later, they finally managed to sort that out and I went back. It took a lot of my courage to do that. But I really didn’t like the second woman, she made me feel really bad about myself and minimized my huge fears making me feel like an idiot. I didn’t want to go back. But in my area, I like in the UK so it’s slightly different, there aren’t any other therapists that I can go to. So I’m just dealing with it on my own because there’s nothing else I can do. I wish I had an awesome therapist like the first woman I could go to 🙁 Anyway, if anyone is struggling with anything I’d encourage them to go and try it out. I was absolutely terrified for my first meeting and I had a panic attack before I’d even got to the door, but it’s worth it if you find the right person.

  • Nia

    13. is so true! I schedule my therapy sessions as my last engagement for the day because I usually need a nap afterwards.

    I also agree with the last, about wondering how people get through life without therapy. Especially other people who are dealing with mental illnesses. I think personal progress would move a lot faster (or more productively) with the aid of a professional.