12 Lame Cheating Excuses You Should Never Fall For

Let’s get this straight right now: I am not down with cheating. In my book, there is no legitimate excuse for cheating. Regardless of why you did it, in the moment, you were focusing on one person and one person only: yourself. Cheating is selfish, it’s hurtful, it’s disrespectful, and it’s cowardly.

We all know that infidelity is awful, but that has never stopped people from trying to come up with excuses for why they cheated. Here’s what you should do if you cheat: say you’re sorry and admit that you were wrong. Here’s what most people do: try to find something to say that will excuse what they did and make them feel a teensy bit better about themselves. Honestly, if someone cheats on me, I would have more respect for them if they gave an honest apology than if they stumbled about trying to convince me that they didn’t mean it.

Now that my little rant is completed, let’s go over the worst cheating excuses that you should never fall for. If someone cheats on you, and uses one of these lines, you had better not give them a second chance. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and get out of there. Here are 12 lame cheating excuses you absolutely should not listen to.

Which of these cheating excuses do you think is the worst? Have you ever heard any of them? What did I forget? Do you disagree with me about any of them? Tell me in the comments.


10 lame breakup excuses you should never fall for

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  • Cole

    Ok soooo boys… this IS called gurl.com not boy.com yes it’s
    Focused on giving females advise not males. Why are you even on here and better yet getting defensive? Could it be you
    Are cheaters and feel
    Guilty and cannot validate
    Your behavior? We are not idiots.
    Of course women cheat too. This article if to help women in THEIR relationships with cheating dudes Please
    Patronizing us
    Further by saying dumb things as well as lying to us while sleeping with dumb sluts… thank you

  • Devin Rasmussen

    There’s a lot of things wrong with this.

    1: This author has lead people astray by talking about anyone who cheats but only focus on the males henceforth 12 pictures sliding that tells a story.

    2: The author being very hypocritical when addressing to the males don’t use your anger at others, don’t blame others, and etc in the slides, but she is doing it with in this page with her hidden agenda(see number one).

    3: I’ve yet to see any example for both situations only one sided. Example: She came onto me is a good example because a female can force a guy into things that will be sticky for him to explain. Depending on a guy it can be easy or hard. A female who is a girl friend may taken it the wrong way due to being overly jealous. The author didn’t explain the complex stuff instead she just focus on being sarcastic.

    4: I notice a excuse for rape involving the first slide which didn’t cover that a person can be drunk(while didn’t plan on it while the other person want to do it) makes it rape.

    5: Cheating isn’t cowardly since being afraid has nothing to do with betrayal on a relationship partner. Cheating is also a fetish by getting off if a person going to come and to catch them. Basically the other partner walk in or other people catches them.

    6: There’s also extreme bias that the slides are displaying as well left out information involving both sides of the coin(see 3, 2, 1). The author can put all information down but choose not to of important parts. Knowing how most people view females in these situations will stick to the extreme bias claim.

  • Andy Wolf

    If someone was drunk (unless the other person was too and didnt plan it) that’s rape. PLEASE dont make excuses for rapists. Also, why are these aimed at men?

    • Devin Rasmussen

      The author has a agenda against men henceforth why she didn’t show both sides of the coin instead show only one. She said this is for everyone, yet lead astray by putting only men down in the slides. This is for any female who happens to read this since this type of stuff is aim at young females. This is no different from what young females read of magazines like “seventeen” which is a young female type of magazines that has different things young females will be interested in.