15 Gifts Under $25 To Get Your Best Friends For Graduation

Graduation is right around the corner, which means it’s time for graduation gifts! You’re probably getting cards and gifts galore, but did you ever think about giving out some grad gifts of your own? When I was in high school, my group of friends gave gifts to each other since we were all going to different schools. I got my core group of BFFs matching necklaces, and we all still wear them today! Super cute, right?

You’re lucky if you’re going to college with a bunch of your friends, but that might not be the case for a lot of you. It’s really difficult to cope with the fact that you’re about to be apart from your besties for the next four years! And who knows what will happen after college. Little gifts and trinkets can help keep you all tied together. I still use a makeup bag that one of my best friends got me for graduation, and I think of her every morning when I get ready!

Check out these gifts under $25 to get your BFFs for graduation:

Dream Big Keychain

This cute keychain can be customized with your friends' initials. They'll think of you every time they use their keys!

Get it right here for $18.00

Photo Collage Mug

Customize a mug with photos of you and your gals so you each have something to drink out of when y'all get addicted to coffee in college.

Get it right here for $15.99

Personalized Photo Pillow

Fill this up with photos of your friend group! It'll be like you guys never left.

Get it here for $23.99

Long Distance Print

Being long distance from your friends is harder than being long distance from a significant other. Give your friends prints of where your colleges are as a reminder that you always love each other!

Get it right here for $17.00

Lucky Penny Necklace

You all are venturing off into a new chapter! Everyone needs a bit of extra luck to get started.

Get it right here for $12.00

Oh The Places You'll Go Necklace

This serves as an encouraging reminder to your friends that they're going to do great things!

Get it right here for $19.99

BFF Pizza Necklaces

You can all have a slice and stay connected!

Get it right here for $9.00

Custom Tumbler

I gave some of my girlfriends tumblers with their names on them, and they still have them today! It's practical and cute.

Get it right here for $13.00

Custom Makeup Bag

They'll think of you when they get ready to go out or when they're trying to look cute for class!

Get it right here for $15.00

Custom School Letters

Give your friends these adorable custom school letters that they can hang in their dorm.

Get it right here for $13.00

Custom Laundry Bag

Everyone has to do laundry in college! Why not help your friends make their experience more enjoyable with this pretty laundry bag?

Get it here for $23.95

Custom Tote Bag

Backpacks are still used in college, but tote bags are way more popular and more adorable. Give your BFF a custom tote to carry her stuff!

Get it here for $24.99

Wire Photo Frame And Keyhook

This will help your friends to never forget their keys but also to keep you in mind before they head to class.

Get it here for $18.00


Get this notebook and leave a sweet note in the back for them.

Get it right here for $6.00

Oh The Places You'll Go Book

I got a bunch of copies of this for graduation, but I also gave out a bunch with custom notes on the inside for my friends.

Get it here for $7.87

Are you getting your friends graduation gifts? What are you going to get? Tell us in the comments!

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