15 Life and Love Lessons We’ve Learned From The Best TV Moms Ever

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which means we’re all going to be celebrating the amazing moms out there! Even if she annoys you, I’m sure that your mother has done a lot for you… or a mother-like figure, if your mom isn’t in the picture.

Since this is a day for all moms, not just your mom, we figured we’d do our own little mini celebration of some of the best TV show moms in Hollywood. These fictional moms may make some mistakes, but in the end, they’re always there for their kids and will do anything for them. Since they’re not real people, they’re also constantly dispensing amazing advice and just being really awesome. Honestly though, while these moms are great, I would never trade my mom in for them because she’s the best. But since she’s not on TV, I’ll talk about the ones who are. Here are 15 life and love lessons we’ve learned from the best TV moms ever. 


1. Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

lorelai gilmore gif

Lorelai Gilmore is without a doubt the best fictional mom who has ever been on TV. She gives amazing advice, is hilarious all the time, and knows when it’s time to act like a serious mother rather than a best friend.

Lesson Learned: You will make silly mistakes when you’re in love, and that’s okay.


2. Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights

tami taylor gif 1 tami taylor gif2

Tami is my second favorite mother on a TV show. She is full of great advice, and she somehow always manages to be calm even when everything is falling apart. I loved this episode, when Tami wasn’t afraid to give Julie some really amazing advice on having sex. She’s open to talking about anything and almost never judges.

Lesson Learned: Just because you have sex once, doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time.


3. Kirsten Cohen from The O.C. 

kirsten cohen the oc

kirsten cohen the oc \

Okay, so maybe Kirsten was an alcoholic for like five minutes, but I’m not holding that against her, because overall, she was a great mom. She was always supportive of both Seth and Ryan, and she did everything she could to give them both a great life  – even though she didn’t have to do that for Ryan.

Lesson Learned: Everyone needs a little help and attention sometimes, even if their life seems okay.


4. Claire Dunphy from Modern Family

claire dunphy modern family claire dunphy modern family

Claire is a great mom for a lot of reasons. She works really hard for her kids! She is also constantly pushing them to do better (even if sometimes it’s a little too much) because she wants them to be the best they can be.

Lesson Learned: Realize your full potential! Don’t act lazy all the time.


5. Reba McEntire from Reba

reba mcentire gif

From what I’ve watched of Reba, I can tell that Reba McEntire is the kind of mom who isn’t going to take any of her kid’s crap. She calls it like it is, and wasn’t afraid to be blunt with her kids.

Lesson Learned: Be honest instead of acting fake… and don’t try to lie!


6. Kitty Forman from That ’70s Show

kitty forman that 70s show

I’ve never been that into That ’70s Show, but from what I can tell, Kitty acted as mother figure towards everyone… and managed to be hilarious at the same time.

Lesson Learned: Stay away from drugs!


7. Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show

clair huxtable gif clair huxtable gif

clair huxtable gif clair huxtable gif

clair huxtable gif clair huxtable gif

Clair was one of those super graceful mothers who always looked put together, but also managed to raise and handle her entire family. It almost seemed effortless for her. But even though she loved her kids, she was never afraid to speak up and get them in line.

Lesson Learned: Have respect for other people no matter what.


8. Ashley Marin from Pretty Little Liars

ashley marin pretty little liars ashley marin pretty little liars

Okay, so Ashley has definitely done some weird stuff, but at the end of the day, she is always there for Hanna. She will do literally anything to protect her, and she is so understanding. I love Ashley!

Lesson Learned: Dress appropriately, even when you’re going to the funeral of someone you dislike.


9. Aunt Becky from Full House

aunt becky full house

Aunt Becky showed us all how to be a good mother figure, and later, a good mother. She was always easy to talk to, and gave great advice.

Lesson Learned: Even if your mom is out of the picture, there are other adults you can lean on.


10. Vivian Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 

vivian banks the fresh prince

Vivian Banks was another mother who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind and call her kids out when they were acting ridiculous. She was also very graceful and classy, and I just liked her a lot.

Lesson Learned: A mother’s approval can make or break you when it comes to relationships. Beware!



11. Marge Simpson from The Simpsons 

marge simpson gif

Marge is another fictional mother who will do anything for her kids, no matter what it is. She’s protective and always there for them with obviously great advice like this…

Lesson Learned: Listen to your heart. Always. No matter what weird things happen.



12. Rosanne Barr from Rosanne 

roseanne barr gif

I always liked Roseanne because the show depicted a relatively normal family with normal problems. And Roseanne proved that you can get through all of that stuff, while also being sarcastic and funny.

Lesson Learned: Be confident no matter what.


13. Annie Camden from 7th Heaven 

annie camden 7th heaven

Annie was definitely strict, but everything she did was to protect her kids. She also always seemed to know what to say, and she was always there to lend a shoulder to cry on.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes, you just need to snap out of it and get over it.


14. Gloria Pritchett from Modern Family

gloria modern family

Gloria is a little overbearing, but it’s just because she loves her kids so much. She also always shows that you need to be confident, driven, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of where you come from, no matter what your background is like.

Lesson Learned: Forget the past!


15. Jo McGuire from Lizze Mcguire 


I like to think that Lizzie’s mom is awesome because she encouraged individuality. I mean, look at Lizzie and her brother!

Lesson Learned: Always be yourself, and don’t change for anyone… even Ethan Craft.


Which of these TV moms is your favorite? Who do you disagree with? Who did I forget? Tell me in the comments! 


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