10 Albums That You Should Have On Your Road Trip Playlist

The idea of travelling along the open road with our best friends and no destination in particular sounds a little alluring to all of us, right? But what’s a great adventure without amazing tunes to accompany it?

Sometimes you’ll listen to a song and all you can do is imagine yourself jamming to it with your legs resting on the dashboard or with your hands tapping a beat along the steering wheel. The beauty of making a dream playlist for a road trip comes in the freedom and variety you have with it! There’s something special about listening to something deliciously mellow, but it’s just as exciting to listen to that dance song that all your friends know the words to. Whatever song you’re thinking of, put that on your dream road trip playlist, now. But anyway, here are 10 albums that you’ll want to listen to from start to finish if you’re ever on the open road. From ’60s classics to new hits that were made for gettin’ wild with your friends, they’re all worth putting on rotation.

1) Best Coast – Best Coast



The ultimate summer album as far as I’m concerned. A little bit lo-fi, a little bit romantic, a little bit wistful…perfect for a drive in the sun.

2) Best Of – Simon and Garfunkel

simon and garfunkel best of



Okay, who doesn’t love to get a little old school with their on the road musical selections? This whole album is my ultimate rainy day album, so when the weather on your adventure turns sour, this is the only thing worth listening to.

3) Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette



There is no such thing as a road trip without some girl power anthems. You better be ready to scream/sing the lyrics to “Ironic” or “You Oughta Know” in the car with your friends or you’re doing road trips wrong. Look, get inspired:



4) Almost Famous Soundtrack

almost famous soundtrack


Getting old school again with one of the best movie soundtracks of all time. Seriously, most of the great old folk or classic rock songs that you’ve heard of are on this soundtrack. Pretend it’s the early ’70s and you and your friends are hippies.

5) Beyonce – Beyonce



It’s impossible not to sing and dance to this album. Seriously, from “Drunk In Love” to “Blow” you’ll feel like you’re in the club…a club with seatbelts.

6) Is This It – The Strokes



A little garage rock never hurt anyone. With this album you’ll feel like you’re in one long montage in an indie film. And, let’s be real, we all sort of savor those moments, right? Admit it.

7) The College Dropout – Kanye West



If you’re going to blast any Kanye album in the car, it better be his debut. Whether you’re singing along to “All Falls Down” or feelin’ some of the less famous songs on the album like “Spaceship” you’ll definitely want to make sure that this album is in rotation.

8) What’s Going On – Marvin Gaye



This album immediately makes me feel like I’m in a ’70s movie. If you want to listen to something soulful but mellow, this is the ticket.

9) Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits – Bob Dylan



It’s Bob Dylan, one of the most famous folk singers of all time. If you’re going on a road trip without any folksy flare, then you need to get it together, dude. Pretend you’re jammin’ on that harmonica right along with Bob, y’all.

10) Days Are Gone – Haim



Okay, I’m biased because as far as I’m concerned this album is perfect for anything. Weddings, funerals, graduations, awkward first dates and, yes, road trips. Just listen to it already if you haven’t.


What albums would you listen to on a road trip? What songs get you hyped when you’re on the road? Are you into listening to mellow music when you’re traveling or high energy music? Tell us in the comments!


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