14 Female Celebrity Fashion Icons Of The ’90s

If you’re getting tired of all the ’90s nostalgia, whoops, that’s too bad, because this post is full of gushing over the celebrity fashion icons of the ’90s. When I was a kid in the ’90s, the influence of some of these looks just went right over my head. I can still hear the whoosh sound. But in retrospect, I’m a little amazed at how the everyday styles of some of our favorite celebrities transferred into big trends for us–the little people.

Whether it was Brandy‘s box braids or Gwen Stefani‘s braces, the ’90s were full of celebrities becoming synonymous with looks that made the ’90s, well, the ’90s. Here are 14 of those celebrities who still give us massive stylegasms to this day.

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  • Duela Dent

    I’m Duela and I was teen in the 90’s Seattle ,listening to Nirvana and Pearl Jam and wearing doctor martens, and band shirts, I even got my nose piercing and first tattoo back then, was dreaming of becoming famous singer and getting married with Johnny Depp or Kurt Cobain.
    I hated Courtney Love but was amazed by her style, the baby-doll dress and leather jacket, ripped fishnet and docs. Also liked Linda Perry’s crazy fashion with the top hat and baggy clothes.Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler and Kim Gordon with that badass style. By the way Kate Moss was my idol and I wanted her anorexic body.For mans fashion I really liked Johnny Depp and Kurt Cobain in the 90’s. But also liked Marilyn Manson’s and Nancy’s (from “the Craft” that was my favorite movie) gothic style. So yes I was grunge-goth teenager if that is possible,…

  • KKredhead

    Alanis Morrisette’s style of wearing skirts over pants!! I copied her throughout early high school, when I had long wavy hair like hers

  • oldmanethos

    Erykah Badu <3