10 Signs A Shy Guy Likes You (Even If It Doesn’t Seem Like It)

Shy guys are pretty hard to figure out, unsurprisingly. They’re shy, so they’re probably also kind of quiet and awkward… not just around you, but around everyone. So how are you supposed to know if that kind of guy likes you and is just too shy to say anything, or if he’s not interested at all? Things can get confusing fast.

I’ve been on the other side of this situation: I’m a shy girl, and I know that guys have had trouble in the past figuring out how I felt. Although everyone deals with shyness in different ways, there are still some telltale signs that a quiet dude is into you. It’s just more difficult, because a shy guy isn’t going to tell you how beautiful you look, or just approach you and ask you to go out on a date. He’s also not going to openly flirt with you or try to get you to sext. So… is he really shy, or just not interested? Here are 10 signs a shy guy likes you (even if it doesn’t seem like it).

Are you crushing on a shy guy? Do you think he likes you? What other signs did I miss? Tell me in the comments


Think he likes you? Here are 10 tips on how to date a shy guy

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  • Mr. Jagz(MJ)

    I realy love dis gal but am a very shy guy so every tym am chatin wit ha on phone i use 2 be free and wan we meet outside everytin abut me change. And i realy luv ha but am 2 shy to ask ha but and i dont knw if she feel desame 4 me.

  • Precious girl

    I love him,he attends my church,he copies me wth everything 😀 and whren i catch him starring at me he doesnt look away he continues starring at me.I am the one who looks away.When i talk to our mutual friend at church he whisper at him and tells him something.when he meets a new friend that new friend can stare at me for a long time.After his friend staring at me it is his turn manje!!!.

  • Precious girl

    If a shy guy likes you he wants a girl which he can use and flirt with her and in his heart you are her love and if you loves him too you would get jealous

  • nicole rain

    Hey I’m 16 years old I’m a girl well I really need your help please I really like this boy I just wanted to know if this countes as flirting well im going to tell you my story I was at a game so my crush keeps passing by where I was standing and he said hi and on the 5th quarter it was at a church he was sitting down by a table and he said hi again and he was staring straight in my eyes and smiled I just want to know if this counts as flirting or is a sign he likes me?!??please help me thanks!…I really need an answer

  • Braden

    I’m a shy guy and I can never get a girlfriend, because I’m so ugly and they hate me. I should just kill myself. That will make women happy.

    • Christine

      Work hard get rich n watch the magic

  • Someone

    Alright so this guy I met last year . My first year at this school & ever since than it’s been awkward. Like obviously it would be because I just started & that’s how it felt with everyone . New school .. New faces .. Though Every time we pass by each other were both quite or nervous . I can just feel some kinda awkward vibe from both of us when we pass by each other . Not to long ago he has asked me through Facebook “so you still like me right??” And me being a shy dude replied with “ew no” but really I did like the guy though I was just afraid of the his response if I had said yes to him that he might reject me. Now ever since that it’s been even more awkwarder ? Like… I don’t even know anymore . When I look at him he looks at me as if oh shieet .. She’s looking at me again. What do I do” kinda look? Than there’s me thinking aw shit what am I doing . Embarrassing … So then he does the same thing . When I catch him looking at me he quickly turns away as if he’s embarrassed ? I’m so confused al these awkward things happening .. Like lately he just looks at me & smiles but quickly turning away. Me thinking .. Am I that ugly that he’s smiling but inside laughing at my looks .. ? Too many mixed signals . I’m thinking should I give up or what . & plus if he did like me to just tell me straight up instead of leaving me think he does when he doesn’t .. At least to me something so I can move on .. Though I do understand I he’s a really shy guy tho seriously I’m expecting the guy to make the first move . Since they wanna act all manly why not take the first move ? -.- so frustrating .! Like one day I was outside the office with my girl mates & I seen him coming towards my way & he obviously saw me standing where I was suppose to pass by but since I was standing where he was suppose to go by he walked a totally different way when he could of jus walked the way I was standing .? Like are you avoiding me ? & I just have this vibe that he wants to talk because he’s stopped Afew times next to me pausing as if there was something to be said but than goes on about it walk .. So someone please tell me if the dude likes me . Or if he doesn’t ..

    • Nunya

      He likes you! Even though you totally dissed him off, he still misses you. You guys still have the vibe you used to have. Start some romance! Happy to help!

  • Tracy

    There is a guy in my church who look at me sometime smile at me but he never talk to me he play with the girls in my church never play with me there is a day I saw him with is friend he was looking at me when I look back I saw him smile at me and saying somethin to is friend last Sunday I told him I went to see him he did not say anything my sister was there and some church member was there later when he saw me goin he com to me and ask me u said u went to see me I told him I like he hair style I went to cut my hair he shout and said no no I like long hair I like it don’t cut it I like a girl with a long hair that is what he said to me

  • Anon

    He is always talking to this other girl, they’re not dating I think, but he’s always laughing and having fun and just being himself. He completely ignores me but he looks at me from across the room. He also seems to avoid me and he’s really quiet around me?

    • Bre

      It seems like he’s trying to make you jealous. And sometimes guys will completely ignore you when they like you. I have no clue why they do this

  • ameela

    i so love this guy but damn he don’t even know how to start a conversation. at first i think i will able to take him out of it. unfortunately i get tired trying and just leave him on his own. lol

  • jade

    I like this guy a lot but it seems like he’s only shy around me and not his friends HELP!

    • Paige

      ask his friends who he likes ??

  • Anom:(

    I’m girl. I’m not shy though I have like all those signs with my crush :'(

  • Immy

    I luv this boy in high school accept I can’t figure if he likes me back he talks to me sometimes but not always

  • Paige

    So there’s a guy in my church group thing and he’s showing all these signs towards me and I’m a shy person as well, especially towards him. So yes, I fancy him. But I don’t know whether to approach him or not because I might be wrong and I’m just really shy and whenever I’m near him, I start getting all nervous and then I start babbling and it’s literally the worst thing ever

    • Diana Sam

      I have the same problem. Wait just for a little while. If he doesnt do anything then make a move.

  • Jessica

    When I was in junior high, I knew a senior who showed all of these signs toward me. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up together.