10 Sex, Hookup And Dating Tips From Winning London

I never did Model UN, but Winning London sure did make it look like the coolest thing ever. Mary-Kate and Ashley play Chloe and Riley (anyone else notice those are the names they had in So Little Time?), two students who head to London to participate in a Model UN competition. Riley jumps in to schmooze with Chloe’s teammate, Brian, and Chloe ends up falling for a hunky noble while in London.

This movie had one of the more ridiculous plots when it comes to Mary-Kate and Ashley movies, but it’s still awesome. And as always, we can learn a lot about dating, sex and hookups from the pair and their friends.

Click through to get our sex, hookup and dating tips from Winning London!

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  • Katie

    Honestly I didn’t know one could learn so much from the Olsen twins