20 Jewelry Trends From The ’90s and Early 2000’s We Miss

Although a lot of jewelry out there is timeless and classic, that doesn’t mean there aren’t still jewelry trends from different time periods. Right now, some of our biggest jewelry trends ware large statement necklaces, glam designer watches that no one actually uses to tell time (we have iPhones for that), and Alex & Ani bangle bracelets. At the moment, we think all of these things are awesome. But judging from our taste in the past, I can’t help but wonder if we’ll still think this in 10 years.

Some of the jewelry trends from the ’90s and early 2000’s are actually really embarrassing to think about. At least, for me. I definitely participated in every single one of the below… and while most of them are making me cringe, they’re also making me weirdly nostalgic. Do I actually miss these trends? I think so. Here are 20 jewelry trends from the ’90s and early 2000’s that will definitely take you back in time.


1. Tiffany’s heart jewelry 



This was my favorite piece of jewelry for years. It wasn’t just a charm, guys… it was a status symbol. That literally every girl owned. Not it just looks really clunky and uncomfortable, to be honest.


2. Tattoo choker necklaces

tattoo choker necklace


Don’t even get me started on my love for these tacky choker tattoos that were EVERYWHERE. Why did we all love these so much?!


3. Mood rings

mood rings


Mood rings are from the ’70s, but they were super popular in the ’90s. Everyone had one, and instead of asking what was going on, we just looked at each other’s mood rings to figure it out. For a while, I was so naive that I actually believed they were legit.


4. Puka shell necklaces 

puka shell necklaces


I’m from Long Island, and everyone there wore these all the time, because it was a symbol of how much we loved the beach. I also wore one because it reminded me of Hawaii. Now these also just look clunky and uncomfortable. Ick.


5. Necklaces with grains of rice in them (??) 

grain of rice necklace


For some reason, the idea that you could etch something onto a tiny grain of rice, then stick it in a necklace, was mind-blowing.


6. Nameplate necklaces

nameplate necklace


Thanks in part to Carrie Bradshaw (with her signature Carrie necklace), nameplate necklaces were once super popular – the larger and more glittery (read: tacky), the better. My ex bought me once that I wore every single day. I no longer know where it is, thankfully.


7. Yin Yangs on everything 

yin yang necklace


I doubt that anyone actually knew the meaning behind a yin yang. For some reason, they were just endlessly cool, and we had them on everything.


8. Ankle bracelets

ankle bracelets


I’m going to be honest with you guys, I still think ankle bracelets are cool. I used to wear piles of them around my ankles every single summer, but I haven’t worn one in years. Everyone used to wear these guys.


9. Power beads

power beads


UGHH, nostalgia!! These just brought me back in time – I had completely forgotten about them until this post. Power beads, or karma beads, supposedly had magical healing powers (totally legit). I can’t remember the meaning behind them, all I know is that we all rocked them. Lots of them.


10. Toe rings

toe rings


Oh, how I miss toe rings. I don’t know when they stopped getting popular, but for a while, they were SO in. I’m pretty sure I owned this exact one. Gurl editor Caitlin just bought some, and I’m kind of tempted to do the same.


11. Floating necklaces

floating necklace


There was once a time when floating necklaces (where it looked like there was no chain) looked supremely elegant and magical. Now they just look really ’90s.


12. Slap bracelets

slap bracelets


These aren’t even that cute, so I have no idea why were so popular, but whatever – they were a ’90s staple. When I first started working at Gurl, a random publicist tried to tell me these were coming back in style – thankfully, they were wrong.


13. Dragonfly necklaces (or really anything from Clarie’s) 

dragonfly necklace


I don’t know about you guys, but Clarie’s was where I purchased all of my very chic jewelry. Like this dragonfly necklace. Or a butterfly one. Or a smiley face.


14. Jelly bracelets

jelly bracelets


So ugly. So rubbery. So cool, though. So ’90s.


15. Stick-on earrings 

stick on earrings


This little packet of stick-on earrings gives me a lot of feels, because I had the exact same one. If they didn’t look so fake, I would totally wear them again.


16. Best friend necklaces

best friend necklace


Best friend necklaces are obviously still a thing, but I don’t think they’re as popular as they used to be back in the day. This one is an epic ’90s throwback – BFFs and yin yangs. Perfection.


17. Dog tags

dog tag necklace


This was more of a dude thing, but whatever. You know you bought personalized dog tag necklaces for your first boyfriend.


18. Hemp jewelry

hemp jewelry


Sometimes I think that when we were in the ’90s, we all thought we were hippes. Hemp jewelry like these necklaces prove that point.


19. Livestrong bracelets

livestrong bracelets


I feel like these bracelets got so popular that at a certain point, people stopped understanding why they were actually wearing them. For some reason, we all just wanted these bright yellow rubber bands on our wrists.


20. Alien jewelry 



I can’t remember much about these little alien faces except that they were a trend. An awesome one.


Which of these jewelry trends was your favorite? What were you never into? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • AndBead

    love Yin Yang charm, it is Chinese traditional jewelry

  • Don’t forget about the WWJD bracelets. I still have mine along with the power beads and live strong bracelets.

  • Jason Kelvin

    I love the jewelries from 90’s. I still remember wearing bids in every accessory, whether it is a chunky bracelet and trendy anklets, I can smell 90’s from them. I get a glimpse of theme here as well http://guff.com/your-favorite-jewelry-from-the-90s

  • anonymoose

    i am still wearing my choker. honest to god,mthe same one i put on in 8th grade in 1999. i have only taken it off for one day!

  • the chokers, the alens and the ying yang is the basic for soft grunge

  • Blurp

    Best part of slap bracelets was telling your friends to hold out their arms and then *WHACK!*

    One of my friends whacked me so hard she broke it in half.

  • Cryssy

    Slap bracelets ARE making a come back, thankfully it seems to only be among kids though. Also jelly bracelets never really left, my kids still get them and trade them with their friends along with those new loam bracelets.
    I remember a lot of these trends and actually had a dragonfly necklace I wore everyday when I was a kid.

  • Brenna

    I love tattoo choker necklaces! I want to get a black one, but i can’t find them anywhere now!

  • Daniela

    Hey! I’ve a toe ring since 2004…¿Am I out? 😛