10 Tips On How To Be Honest (Without Being A Jerk)

Today, April 30, is National Honesty Day (quick fact: the creator of this “holiday” purposely wanted it to be the last day of April since the first is April Fool’s Day!). I doubt many of you are going to celebrate a mini holiday such as this one, but it’s a nice reminder that we all need to focus on being honest more often… because, let’s face it, the majority of us probably lie way too much.

But there’s a reason we all have a tendency to lie: lying is usually taking the easiest way out. Being honest can often be really difficult, especially if you’re trying to be honest about something that you know is going to hurt or upset someone close to you. So, we lie. And then we get caught in our lies. And then friendships and relationships suffer, and suddenly no one trusts anyone. It’s rough.

Over the past few years, I have been making a conscious effort to be more honest in every aspect of my life. And I’ve improved a lot! I’ve learned to tell the truth when I don’t want to do something instead of making up a lame excuse. I’ve learned to speak up when I feel like something is wrong. I’ve learned how to give constructive criticism and advice instead of just reassuring a friend that, yeah, maybe he’s just busy at work and that’s why he hasn’t called. I still have work to do, but being more honest has really changed my life. You should try it too! Here are 10 tips on how to be honest – without being a jerk.

Do you think you’re an honest person? How are you honest? What tips did I forget about? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Sophia Moors

    nice written, different topic and great tips and tricks.

  • Lucia

    Haha this article makes me laugh. I’m bluntly honest sometimes people take it as mean but everyone who knows me knows I’m just a really honest person and I don’t mean any harm. They get used to it 🙂