10 Qualities That Make Someone A Bad Friend, According To Reddit Users

Being a good friend isn’t always easy – it takes time, commitment, energy, and sometimes selflessness to really be there for a person. Sometimes being the best friend you can be takes as much effort as a romantic relationship does! This is probably why so many people mess up and become bad friends… it’s like taking the lazy way out.

But how do you know if you’re being a bad friend to your besties? Well, for starters, you can check out this Reddit thread about what it takes to be a terrible buddy. I’m sure that we’ve all done a few of these things at least once – that doesn’t make you a terrible friend. Doing them all the time, and not trying to change any of that is where you go wrong. Here are 10 qualities that make someone a bad friend. 

Do you think you have any of these qualities? Do you think you’re a good friend? Do you have friends who have these qualities? Tell me in the comments!


Are you a bad friend? Quiz it to find out!

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  • Vanessa

    Go a head and add to the list “only talking to you when you’re single and only about guys that are supposedly hitting on them”. No longer friends with this person because of this. Granted….her doing that did lead to meeting my current boyfriend….but reguardless, its annoying and immature.