Where Are Your Favorite Mean Girls Characters Now?

In case you didn’t notice, today is the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls. Crazy, right? This movie gave us so much life back in 2004, and we didn’t even realize the impact it would have on us. I mean, I easily throw out two or three Mean Girls quotes a day. A DAY! I think it may be the most quotable movie of all time. I have a hard time remembering that the actors and actresses in this film are actual people who have done other things with their lives. What is the cast doing now?

Some of my favorite minor characters from the movie, like Trang Pak, aren’t really doing anything. That makes me sad, but some of the more major characters have taken on a bunch of projects. Some may surprise you. Click through to find out what they’re up to!

Lindsay Lohan aka Cady Heron

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll know that Lindsay has her own show on Oprah's OWN network that documents her life post-rehab. She's trying to get back into Hollywood's good graces, and fingers crossed it sticks.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Andres Otero/WENN.com

Regina George aka Rachel McAdams

Regina George has definitely had a super successful career after Mean Girls. She did The Notebook, dated Ryan Gosling and then did a bunch of movies about time travel, including the recently released About Time. Her IMDB shows that she's got a lot of projects in the works for this year and 2015.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Lia Toby/WENN.com

Gretchen Wieners aka Lacey Chabert

None for Gretchen Wieners? Yeah, pretty much. Just kidding. Sort of. Lacey has been working steadily since Mean Girls, with mostly made-for-TV movies and voice gigs. She does have a great voice for cartoon characters, so that makes sense. She has a few real feature films coming out in 2014 so maybe this will be her year? At least she has the Toaster Strudel fortune to fall back on.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Nikki Nelson/WENN.com

Amanda Seyfried aka Karen Smith

Dare I say that Karen Smith has had the best career trajectory out of the whole cast? She was basically unknown before Mean Girls and then became a super-talented actress. She worked steadily after the movie on shows like ABC Family's Wildfire and UPN's Veronica Mars. Then she blew up in Mamma Mia! the movie, went on to star in Big Love and did some other movies like Red Riding Hood and the unfortunate Jennifer's Body with Megan Fox. 2012 was probs her best year when she landed the role of Cosette in Les Miserables, and she has about a billion projects on her roster for the upcoming year including the new Peter Pan movie, Pan.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Lia Toby/WENN.com

Janis Ian aka Lizzy Caplan

Janis Ian has been doing very well for herself, especially as of late. After Mean Girls, she had a few steady television roles. She nabbed a role on True Blood in 2008 and moved onto Party Down in 2009. She did some other gigs here and there, all while dating Matthew Perry of Friends. Most recently, she played Nick's girlfriend, Julia, on New Girl, and she is now starring in Showtime's Masters of Sex with Michael Sheen, who is coincidentally Rachel McAdams' recent ex. Awkward.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Daniel Tanner/WENN.com

Damian aka Daniel Franzese

Daniel is making his way back into the public eye with a bunch of projects from small roles on various TV shows to appearances in short films. He's currently working on a show called Dating In LA and Other Urban Myths. Most recently, he's made headlines for writing a coming out letter to his character, Damian. It's really sweet.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/WENN.com

Jonathan Bennett aka Aaron Samuels

Does Aaron Samuels' hair still look sexy pushed back? You betcha. Unfortunately, although he's been acting steadily since Mean Girls, he hasn't done anything super successful. He does host MTV's show Copycat, a new singing competition where contestants try to sing exactly like famous artists. No word on an air date.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/FayesVision/WENN.com

Shane Oman aka Diego Klattenhoff

Shane Oman went from being in the projection room above the auditorium to permanently in front of the camera. He's had steady television gigs since Mean Girls, and guess what? HE IS MIKE FABER ON HOMELAND. I've known this for a while, and it still shocks me. I don't know if Mike is coming back to Homeland in the next season, but in the meantime, Diego also plays Donald Ressler on The Blacklist.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Brian To/WENN.com

Glenn Coco aka David Reale

GLENN COCO! Okay, sorry. Glenn--I mean, David, has done some work on television. He was in an episode of Nikita, played Canadian Dave on Skins and did some other shows. Oh and now he's on Suits! You go, Glenn Coco! He also is very funny and active on Twitter.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/David Reale

Kevin G aka Rajiv Surendra

This might be my favorite story. Rajiv sadly never became a rapper, although he totally should have. Instead, he followed his passion and became a calligraphy artist. Seriously. He's like really good.

Photo Source: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures/Letters In Ink

Did you know what these cast members were up to? Who’s your favorite Mean Girls cast member? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Brenna

    Jennifer’s Body is not unfortunate! It’s a good movie, in a bad way, sort of.

  • Janice

    In my opinion, the only ones that managed to build a successful acting career after “Mean Girls” were Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried.

  • Olivia

    I freaked out when I saw Kevin G on the list! BEST. CHARACTER. EVER.

  • Lissa

    I think Rachel is more successful than Amanda… They both starred in movies with hottie Channing Tatum, but Rachel dated Ryan Gosling. C’mon, it’s Ryan Gosling. You can’t get much better than that.

    (And yeah, basically I just watched The Vow and fell in love with her again.)

    • Jessica Booth

      I love this comment!