How Would You Describe Your Perfect Boyfriend?

Everyone has some sort of list of qualities they like in a romantic partner, whether it’s just in your head or something you’ve actually written down. (Don’t act like that’s weird, okay?) It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a relationship! Everyone has certain needs, wants and standards, which is why some relationships work and some don’t. If you could create the perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, what would you put in the mix?

There was an old episode of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch where she created the perfect date for a dance. I think it was to make Harvey jealous. She threw a bunch of qualities into a cake mix or something and literally baked a perfect BF.

Anyway, what would you throw into the mix if you were to create your perfect boyfriend? Let’s see what y’all had to say:

FrogsandRain asked:
“What constitutes as the perfect boyfriend to you?”

taebadass said:
“Well, the perfect boyfriend for me will want to be with me forever. We will very comfortable with each other. We will understand each other. He will treat me like I’m his queen. We can communicate with each other and still have fun with each other, etc.”

thatrandomgirl said:
“Well, no one is perfect, and he would understand that, and love me not despite my imperfections, but because they make me who I am. He would just be there for me when I need him, respect my wishes and wants, but still push me out of my comfort zone when I need that.”

3Becca said:
“The perfect boyfriend would be someone who actually treats me like his girlfriend, someone who’s kind and caring and mature, realizes his mistakes, learns from them and avoids them in the future. He’s proud of me and doesn’t hide me from people, and he treats me like a princess/he’s a gentleman.”

datgymnast said:
“Someone who loves you for who you really are and wouldn’t want to change anything about you. (except for your last name.) And who will always be there for you so you would have someone to talk to.”

crushesinwv said:
“Simply put, the perfect boyfriend is someone that you are incredibly comfortable with and can see a future with.”

BrittanyKate said:
“Someone who is fun, loyal, sweet, someone who lets me do my own thing sometimes. He would be loving and caring, and an animal lover.”

happywazere said:
“I would like a boyfriend who will like me for who I am.”

While I definitely think everyone should know what they’re looking for in a significant other, I want to remind you to not get too caught up in your list. When you focus really closely on certain things, you might be overlooking other great qualities that someone has.

The person who you’re not willing to give a shot because they don’t check off every box on your list could be the person who will surprise you the most and end up being a great partner. And the person who does check off every box could surprise you and end up being someone who isn’t so great.

It’s good to have standards and qualities you admire, but ultimately, make sure you’re with someone who respects you, lets you be yourself and who you are comfortable around.
What do you think? What is your perfect boyfriend? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Kotone

    What makes a perfect boyfriend? Imperfection! I don’t want a guy who is so perfect that he’s fake! As much as we think we want a fairy- tale grade relationship, its not going to happen! A perfect boyfriend would be just as imperfect and awkward as you, but he’d be okay with that. We’ve all learned by now that we aren’t going to date a super hot prince charming, but I think all girls, myself included, expect too much from guys. We need to realize that we will only get what we can give back in a relationship. But hey, us girls can still dream, can we? 😉

  • Awesome chick

    My perfect bf would be someone funny weird creative original knows me well and is patient and will be the anchor that keeps me on earth he must be fit and knows how to live he must be intelligent and knows how to debate things(I love going in debates ) he also must be tall because I’m almost a palm tree and he must be dark with a stubble maybe a bit more he also must know how to deal with my moodiness and love me with my imperfections and won’t mind taking the passenger seat did I mention he must be dirty minded and open minded he mus also appreciate the fact that I love to be independ and must not be on the jealous side it’s a looooooooooooooong list I am picky so I’ll probably have to create one (hmmm Frankenstein boyfriend ….) or maybe a robot one( harder package below :p) or just enjoy being single

  • Alicia

    I really love how all of these examples don’t list characteristics like cute, funny, athletic, etc. but instead focus on the level of comfort in the relationship and how the guy treats them, which is what’s important

  • Allisson

    The perfect boyfriend for me is the one who I could share my day with watching TV marathons all night and watching all the greasy stuff. He’s the one that would be by my side while playing video games. He’s the one guy that I’d do stupid things with even though I’ll probably regret doing that later.

  • kate

    Someone who is funny, loyal, understanding, smart, (let’s not forget about handsome), and a guy who likes me for me. Oh, and also kind and a little shy 🙂

  • Alice

    I guess I’m pretty lucky, because I already have that perfect guy.

  • Lucia

    My perfect bf would be really quirky, different, crazy like me, unpredictable smart,trustworthy and loyal. I love those characteristics but I’d hate to have a perfect person as a boyfriend because perfection is BORING!!!!!

  • cburgess1234

    Well my idea of a perfect boyfriend would be dunoo

    There is this horiible girl at my college and she always gets aLl the hottest boys and she is now dating my crush what do I do?

    • skye

      In honesty, you do not have to do anything, don’t bother. I have had many crushes before that have been taken but the most important thing to remember is that there are plenty of boys out there that will dazzle you like he does if not more so, trust me you will see someone else who is just as goodlooking if you move on, don’t just fond over one guy.

  • Hannah

    im not straight

    • Hannah

      im not straight either hah

    • TattyB

      What you perfect girlfriend would be? 🙂

      • Hannah

        my perfect girlfriend would be the one i have now 🙂

  • April

    Someone who treats me with so much respect in return he would get my respect
    Plus having a really nice personality wouldn’t hurt