16 Of The Best, Most Memorable Moments From Mean Girls

In case you’ve been feeling super old lately, this should make you feel even older: Mean Girls turns 10-years-old tomorrow. Yes, 10! One zero. A decade. One-tenth of a century. A long ass time.

Wasn’t it just yesterday that this movie’s fashion didn’t look totally outdated and jokes about wearing pink on Wednesdays weren’t super old? Wasn’t it just yesterday that Lindsay Lohan looked like she had a promising career ahead of her? (We’re still rooting for you, girl).

In honor of one of the best teen comedies of our generation, here are 16 of the best moments from Mean Girls.

1) “Boo, you whore.”

boo you whore



2) Unfriendly black hotties or reasonably-weirded-out black hotties?

jambo unfriendly black hotties mean girls

I would give her this look, too, damn. Did living in Africa teach you absolutely zero home trainin’, Cady?


3) “It’s vintage!”

ugliest effing skirt mean girls

That skirt was actually pretty damn harmless, though. Wasn’t it just, you know, plaid or something?


4) Give it up, Gretchen.

SO FETCH mean girls

We’ve all tried to make a phrase stick, haven’t we?


5) Glen Coco gettin’ that hook up.

four for you glen coco

And none for Gretchen Weiners. Okay, but really, I started to feel bad for ol’ Gretchen at this point.


6) #Eatclean

is butter a carb regina george

Asking the tough questions.


7) A white African?

if you're from africa why are you white mean girls

Important learning lesson: You can’t just ask people why they’re white.


8)  Kevin G’s rap

kevin g christmas rap mean girls

Better than Macklemore.


9) Cool Mom(tm) 


Nope. Nope, nope, nope. A Juicy sweatsuit does not a cool mom make.


10) The fertility vase!

fertility vase mean girls

Apparently that tribe actually makes fertility dolls, not vases, but shhh.


11) Keepin’ it real

mean girls did not leave the south side for this

High school is a jungle, okay?


12) That random girl and her feels

she doesn't even go here

Okay, but seriously, how did she hear about this talk anyway?


13) Gretchen loses it

totally just stab caesar mean girls

Next time I’m feeling aggressive, I’m going to just let it out on long gone conquerors. ATTILA THE HUN UGH!


14) Janice telling an uncomfortable truth

you're a mean girl cady mean girls

Harsh, but Cady needed to hear it. Also, I hope she returned that pink shirt to Damien.


15)  Spring Fling gone rogue

mean girls breaking crown spring fling

This is the way that all school dances with silly crowning ceremonies should end.


16) And the most brilliant plot twist of all time:

Come on, you gasped, too.


Which amazing parts were neglected from this roundup? What scenes can you still quote perfectly to this day? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Anna

    Your moms chest hair!!! Classic

  • emilylee

    the last scene was…. I don’t even know how to describe it, I loved the movie, and … did you wore something pink yesterday? me and some friends wore pink pants 🙂 , even my 13 year old sister did hehehe :3

  • Hannah

    Am I the only one who have gone crazy with the Regina-yelling scene, rewinding again and again trying to see if she glued her face on purpose instead of Caddie’s picture? I’ve never been 100% if it was an error or if it was deliberate! D:

    • It was deliberate! She did it so that she could frame Cady so that it would look like Cady made the Burn Book! You’re just led to believe that she was going to put Cady’s face in there. Plot twist!

  • Eliza

    Love this!
    Thanks for making it!