What To Give Your Mom For Mother’s Day: 15 DIY Gift Ideas She’ll Love

Mother’s Day is May 11, and believe it or not, it will be here before you know it. I know that there’s a strong possibility that you’re fighting with your mom right now, but seriously – every mom deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, so you should do something special for her.

Sure, you could go out and buy a fancy, expensive present for her… one that a bunch of other daughters could buy their mom as well. Maybe she really does need a new iPad case, or an Alex & Ani bracelet to add to her collection – but while those things are great, they’re not exactly that personal. One of the best ways to show your mom you care is to give a DIY gift that you made. Even if it’s something small, it shows that you put thought, time, and effort into making something for her, and any mom will appreciate that gesture. Your mom puts a ton of time into doing stuff for you, so why not return the favor? Here are 15 amazing DIY gift ideas for Mother’s Day to get you inspired. Try one, or create your own!


1. Flavored Sugar Jars

diy sugar jars

If your mom loves to cook or bake, make some of these super easy flavored sugars for her. Buy pretty glass jars and decorate them so that she can display these in her kitchen. Yummy, practical, and really cute. Check out the tutorial here. 


2. Spa In A Jar 

diy spa in a jar

Every single mom, no matter what they’re into, could use a little time to relax and pamper herself. Buy a bunch of cute spa products and stick them in a giant mason jar. The presentation is really cute. If you want to get extra fancy, throw in a gift card to the nail salon. Check out the tutorial here.


3. A Personal Sharpie Mug

diy sharpie mug

Sharpie mugs could not be easier to make, and they’re really sweet, which is why they’re so perfect. You can write any message you want, or do a cute drawing. This is much more special than a mug from the store. Check out the tutorial here.


4. Photo Vase

diy photo vase

Flowers are always a good go-to on Mother’s Day, and you can make them more special by making a photo vase for your mom. I love the idea of using old pictures. This is a little bit complicated, and may take some time, but it’s also something she can hold on to for a long time. Check out the tutorial here.


5. Makeup Brush Box

diy makeup brush box

Everyone could always use something to hold their makeup brushes. Those suckers roll all over the place! Make your mom something pretty for her vanity or bathroom. It looks a lot harder than it is. Check out the tutorial here.


6. Pampering Kit In A Bottle 

soda jar

If you’re seriously running out of time or money to make a present, use an empty soda bottle for a cute presentation. You can literally put anything in there, but I would give it a theme, like this one. Check out the tutorial here.


7. Photo Collage 

diy photo set

Take pictures of you (or your siblings) holding letters, print them out, buy a frame, and put everything together. So easy, yet so cute! Check out the tutorial here.


8. Mason Jar Planter 

diy mason jar planter

This is SO pretty and would make such great decor for any home. It’s a little difficult, but will really impress your mom. Put her favorite flowers in there for Mother’s Day, or make this more of an herb garden. It’s up to you. Check out the tutorial here.  


9. Lemon Sugar Scrub 

diy lemon scrub

A good body scrub is always luxurious. Make yours special by making it yourself. This one sounds so refreshing, and I love how it looks in this tiny jar. Check out the tutorial here.


10. Gardening Kit

diy gardening kit

My mom loves to garden, and she loves getting gardening stuff for Mother’s Day everywhere, so something like this would be perfect. And if you’re not that into arts and crafts, this is also great – it’s really just buying stuff and putting it together nicely. Check out the tutorial here.


11. Flower Oreos

flower oreos

For all the moms with a sweet tooth. Who wouldn’t love Oreo cookies covered in chocolate that look like flowers? Check out the tutorial here.


12. Etched Wooden Spoons

diy etched spoons

For all the moms who love to cook and/or bake – wooden spoons are a necessity. Why not make them look pretty and unique as well? Check out the tutorial here.


13. Rustic Tray

diy tray

These are a lot easier to create than you would think, and they’re great for the house. Your mom will love this! Check out the tutorial here.


14. Painted Mason Jar Vase

painted mason jar

If you’re going to get your mom flowers, why not put them in some pretty painted mason jars? Super easy and cute. Check out the tutorial here.


15. Exfoliating Lavender Hand Soap


A good hand soap is something that everyone should have. Make your mom a special one using the soothing scent of lavender. Paint or decorate the jar if you want as well! Check out the tutorial here. 


Which of these DIY gift ideas is your favorite? What are you getting your mom for Mother’s Day? Which of these would you try? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Gaia

    I LOOOOVE ALL the ideas <3 Thank you for the inspiration! 😉 Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Bianca

    What the hell? I’m so offended by this whole mother’s day gift idea post. Its like supportive of the typical housewife stereotype or something. I agree with Marion. Awful ideas, spoons? Really? My mom is bad ass, she grew up in the late 80s early 90’s. She would much rather me take her to a heavy metal concert or something. This post really pisses me off, not all moms like to garden, cook, go to a spa, whatever it might be. This point is so black and white…

  • Marion

    Ugh, ugh, and ugh. Pointing out how simple and fast they are to make suggests people would rather not have to get mom a present at all, in which case maybe they shouldn’t bother.
    The whole “gift for the mom who loves to cook” thing? No. Nobody wants those wooden spoons to actually cook with. Make your mother some cookies.