How To Make Your Own Blush With Just Two Ingredients

I have a rather large blush collection because it’s one of my makeup staples. Even on days when I don’t wear foundation, I’ll throw on a little blush just to add some color to my cheeks. Upon reading the ingredients in my favorite blushes, I was horrified at the amount of chemicals they contained. I ventured online to find out how to make my own blush and realized I only needed two ingredients instead of a million.

I found a million pins on homemade blush using arrowroot flour/powder (they’re the same thing) and beet root powder. In my continuing quest to make my beauty routine more natural, I was really excited to try this out. Click through below to see how this natural blush stands up to the real deal:

Have you ever made your own blush? What do you want me to test out next? Tell us in the comments!

Is this the best blackhead removal trick ever?

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