8 Shockingly Normal Things Celebrities Have Admitted To Doing

I’d love to say that if I were a celebrity, I would stay relatively normal. I’m just not sure how true that is because being famous obviously changes your lifestyle. Normal grocery shopping becomes fancy grocery shopping, you know? If I were a celeb and did normal things, I’d definitely admit it because stars who seem down-to-earth are way more appreciated. Like, I’d never believe Gwenyth Paltrow if she said she stayed up until 2 a.m. binge-watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix.

It also seems a little difficult to maintain a sense of normalcy when you’re a celebrity because you’re constantly being chased around by photographers and going to wild events. There isn’t much time for an at-home pedicure with your roommate when you have to go to awards shows. Somehow, these celebs still do normal things and they’re not afraid to admit it:

Which celeb surprised you the most? What other celebrities would you add to this list? What “normal” things would you do if you were famous? Tell us in the comments!

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  • ashia

    shailene woodley i so cute.

  • Jen

    Lorde isn’t the only celeb posting acne stuff, James McVey from The Vamps tweeted about acne along with a selfie https://twitter.com/TheVampsJames/status/452479326202904576/photo/1 as well as putting pictures of his face care routines on his Instagram and talking about it on his Tumblr 🙂

    • Aimee

      Only celeb or not, it takes a lot of guts to post stuff like that. I mean, it’s normal to rock acne cream, but you definitely don’t see people posting about it. And when it’s a celeb, it’s kind of more shocking because the stereotype is that they are perfect and beautiful and don’t need to do any of that stuff. That’s why I find this post so humbling.