12 Myths About Herpes That Are Totally Not True

Guys, it’s time to talk about herpes. Why? Because herpes is the most common STI out there, and the majority of you probably have herpes – you just might not realize that you do.

I know that sounds super scary, but that’s because herpes has a horrible stigma attached to it that makes people feel ashamed for having it. So, you need to calm down. Herpes is incredibly common – 70 percent of American ages 14 to 49 have the herpes virus (according to this report), and I think it’s safe to say those 70 percent are doing pretty okay out there.

Herpes has a bad stigma attached to it because, despite how common it is, most people still don’t fully understand it. There are a lot of myths out there about the infection that you need to stop believing. Since this is something that so many people have, or will probably get as they get older, it’s really important to know the facts so that you can know what to look out for, or how to react if you happen to have it. Here are 12 myths about herpes that are totally not true: 

Which of these myths did you think was true? Do you have herpes? What were you most surprised about? Tell me in the comments.


Can you get herpes from oral sex?

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  • Liv

    This is one of the better articles I’ve seen about herpes. There’s a couple things I’d like to add:
    – hsv2 is not the *worse* of the two types of herpes. People are prone to think that bc a) it’s most likely contracted through sexual contact, and people get weird about anything related to sex or genitals, and b) it’s less common than hsv1, making it less familiar and therefore more susceptible to ignorance. But though they are two different viruses, their effects on physical health are exactly the same-very minimal.
    – I get why the “herpes doesn’t make you a slut” part was included, bc for people who have herpes the stigma is by far the worst part, but it’s still dispelling ignorance with more ignorance; how about just “no matter how you got herpes, it has nothing to do with your worth” instead?