8 Silly Vintage Birth Control Ads

The funny thing about vintage birth control ads is how clinical they are. I mean, instead of advertising condoms or the pill, they’re shrouded in language about family planning. Because, of course, that’s the only thing people have sex for, right? Family planning. Well, that’s what advertisers liked to evoke back in the day, even if we know it was BS. People were getting around just like they are today, we’re just made to believe that they were all pure and wholesome. Ha ha, nope!

But anyway, take a look at what I’m talking about with these eight vintage birth control ads. Note how none of them acknowledge women being independent in their sexual choices. It’s all about men making sure they don’t knock someone up.

Which of these makes you side eye the most? What other kinds of vintage ads do you want to see ripped apart? Tell us in the comments!

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  • angela

    I have been going with my boyfriend for several years , we started having sex about a year ago. he willnot use condoms on me, says it takes away all of the feeling. about oneweek after we started having sex my older sister bought me somecontraceptive foam and thatw hat I have been using for protection. I use it every time we do it while it is sort of messy the next morning that is something that I will have to live with until I go to college and can get on b.c. pills. sometimes when mother goes to work earleyi will slipin her bathroom and use her douche bag which is always hanging in the shower.

    • Jami

      I know this was posted two years ago but you should’ve gone to Planned Parenthood and get BC you can get pregnant that way. Douching does nothing. That’s just an urban myth.

      Also I hope you dumped your so-called boyfriend. If he loved and respected you he’d use a condom.

  • Fern

    I really like theses ads bc they focus on the guys too. Nowadays, add focus on the girl and how birth control is just they’re responsibility, even in the condom commercials she is the one that ask for it.

  • Mandy

    There is a national condom week?
    Can I just say, WEIRD!

  • Chen

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  • Chen

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