15 Things Only Procrastinators Will Understand

Procrastination is an epidemic that affects everyone, not just lazy people. Some of the most organized and driven people procrastinate too. With one of my college classes, I was a huge procrastinator. I did my 20-page final paper the night before in five hours. Although it was an impressive feat to my friends, I was really disappointed with myself because I had plenty of time to work on it and kept putting it off. I ended up getting a good grade, but after that I made sure to never procrastinate like that again.

Except when I did. The things I procrastinate on now aren’t really important so I don’t feel too guilty about them, but when I procrastinate on something big, I feel terrible! If you’re a procrastinator, you definitely understand these things:

1. You get assignments and know you’ll get to them at some point.

They’ll get done, don’t you worry!

2. Before you start something, you always take a quick internet-surfing trip.

Gotta check that email. Oh look, an online-only sale at Forever 21! I wonder if there’s anything new on Gurl…

3. All that surfing will probably make you hungry.

I can’t work unless I have a snack! I’ll just be thinking about how hungry I am!

4. You can’t get any work done before cleaning your room, obviously.

Ugh it’s so messy, I can’t focus on anything.

5. Time to go down memory lane and look through those old yearbooks you found.

OMG why did I do my hair like that? I wonder what Justin is up to since he wrote “H.A.G.S.” in my book.

6. Oh a text!

I can’t just leave them hanging, right? Right.

7. You swear you’re ready to focus.

Alright, I got this. The sooner I get things done, the sooner I can do other stuff.

8. You have to do some research, which leads you to a Tumblr of conspiracy theories.


9. You’re all “NBD I work better under a deadline!”

Pressure is great! Encouraging even!

10. You feel like you’d do better work if you took a nap.

If I’m well-rested, I will totally ace this assignment.

11. You think you need to clear your head with a shower.

I do some of my best thinking in the shower. This assignment is practically going to do itself while I’m in there.

12. Again, you swear you’re ready to do this.

LOL no seriously, I’m on it.

13. You think about ways to extend your deadline.

I’m never getting this done, maybe I can come up with something like my neighbor’s dog escaped and at our internet cables.

14. You stay up all night because you wasted all your time.


15. You vow to never procrastinate again!

Until next time…

Are you a procrastinator? Do you relate to any of the above? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Samantha

    This is all SOO accurate, I’ve been a chronic procrastinator most of my life and while everyone thinks you’re being a lazy bum, you actually WANT to get the work done! You just can’t. That’s it. You just can’t.

  • Jane

    story of my life. i’ve become an expert at making up excuses for why my homework is late AGAIN.