10 Things You Might Do That Will Make A Bad First Impression On Someone

Whether you’re going on a first date, heading to a job interview, meeting your partner’s parents or even just meeting your BFF’s friends, one things for sure: you probably want to make a good first impression. 

First impressions are obviously important because most people will judge you based on how you were when they first met you. They’re especially important when you’re doing something like an interview, where you really only have one chance to win someone over. But the pressure of making a good first impression can be a lot to handle, and so a lot of us end up making mistakes.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I’m pretty bad a first impressions. It’s probably because I’m quiet and generally awkward, and I never really know how to act around new people I don’t quite feel comfortable with yet. I’m sure a lot of you are in the same boat. If you’re like me, here are 10 things you’re probably doing that are making a bad first impression – you might not even realize it’s happening!

What is your tip on making a good first impression? Have you ever done any of these things? Tell me in the comments!


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  • Amber

    Ugh I make the worst first impression.. But I don’t know what to say when I meet someone for the first time then it’s just awkward..

  • Lauren

    OH MY GOD!!! NOOO I MADE THE WORST FIRST IMPRESSION ON MY CRUSH AND I DIDNT EVEN KNOW!!! GAHHH!! I just stood there smiling like and idiot and because me and my three friends were talking to him, I was squished reeeeally close to him! At least I was staring into his eyes… That’s a plus… I’m going to jump in front of a bus now..

  • Kizi

    Wow…I had no idea. I’m not talkative around new people and I’m kinda shy too…which I’m really trying to change. I think it was last month when my best friend got me to meet some of her other friends. I freaked out a little because I don’t really know how to act around many people who are in my age group. So I wasn’t talking much, I was REALLY nervous and my face hurt from smiling too much…..this has ruined so many opportunities for me:-( I could barely even look at my crush in the eye, and I have no idea when I’ll see him again because we go to different high schools:-(
    So…..before I went into all the stuff, yes…I’ve done a couple of the 10 things:-)

  • DaynaMarie

    I have bitchy resting face, and sometimes I put so much work into trying to look pleasant for job interviews and first meetings that I realize I have no clue what the other person has been saying. :p

    • gqsarah

      Ha, I love this! My nothing-face is grumpy, I’m pretty sure. i feel really bad – sometimes annoyed – when people ask me what’s wrong! Or, if I was sitting on the bus I’d realise how grumpy I must look and instantly slap a grin on my face.