Reader Hookup Confession: We Lost The Condom In A Weird Place…

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession and then send your own to

My boyfriend and I have been dating for about five months now. He is much less experienced than me when it comes to sex, but I still don’t know everything. When we first started having sex, he wasn’t sure which size condom to get, so he ended up being a typical guy and buying condoms that were too big.

We used the condom anyway, even though it was a little big, and had sex. After he finished, though, we realized that the condom had vanished. We started freaking out because we realized we lost the condom! At first, we thought maybe it fell off in the middle when switching positions. But after a quick search of his room, we started to panic because it was no where. Well, it turns out, during intercourse I didn’t feel the condom slide off and get jammed up inside my vagina!

I couldn’t feel it, so I was really freaked out. He had to reach his fingers really far up to pull it out. It was the most uncomfortable thing I’ve ever felt.

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  • Haley

    This happened to me the first time I lost my virginity. Soooo embarrassing. But I got it out myself. I spent the next week scared I might have been pregnant because I thought the condom’s semen got in it to. But thank god. It didn’t.

  • Renne

    OMG, my boyfriend and I were so horny, even after sex, that when he was flaccid, he continued to have sex with me and pushed a semen filled condom and jammed it inside of me! It was so weird to have him reach up there and pull it out! Not to mention pregnancy scare!

  • Hannah

    I have had that happen to me before but it was when the condom was too small. Completely awkward but kind of interesting too. No one ever talks about the possibility of it slipping off during sex. I didn’t feel it in there either but I know there really aren’t many nerves after the first 1/3 or so of the vagina. It’s at least easy to fish out.

  • Sally

    this happens to me a lot… >.<

    • lauren

      I just had this happen to me!!