15 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Taurus

Is your birthday from April 20 to May 20? Congratulations, you’re a Taurus, and we’re now in your sign! Taurus are ruled by Venus, a goddess who loved life and wasn’t afraid to indulge in whatever she wanted. Taurus is a practical sign who gets things done and loves the rewards of success.

You take things on a daily basis and don’t get caught up in the “What ifs” of life. You’d rather focus on what is happening instead of daydreaming about the possibilities. You’re also a no-nonsense kind of person, and you’ll do whatever you can to accomplish your goals. If you’re a Taurus, you definitely have these traits:

1. You’re extremely hardworking.

You’ve got a great work ethic and don’t mind doing what you need to in order for things to get done.

2. Sometimes you’re a little too focused on your projects.

You tend to get a bit lost in whatever you’re working on.

3. You’re super determined.

You really won’t stop until you accomplish a goal, and you always finish what you start.

4. Which some might perceive as stubborn.

You’re not that keen to suggestions to help you out with your goals, though. You’d rather figure something out on your own and fail instead of getting help.

5. You love practical things, but you also like pretty things.

You definitely like things that serve a specific purpose, but you don’t mind indulging. You’ll splurge on a new pair of shoes or something pretty when you can.

6. You’re independent.

You can do everything on your own, even if people say you can’t! You also like to be on your own every now and then.

7. But you can be a little self-centered.

Sometimes your independence causes you to rely so heavily on yourself that you forget about other people.

8. Deep down, you’re dependable.

Even though you don’t like getting help, you’re pretty good at giving it. And you’re such a hard worker that you’ll jump at the chance to do things for other people.

9. You’re a bit competitive.

You love games and competitions, but you’re someone who always has to win. Be careful with this one.

10. You love prizes and rewards.

Your hardworking and competitive nature has left you craving rewards and prizes. You look forward to the end result, which is why you love the work so much.

11. You like commitment.

You love to commit, whether it’s in a relationship or friendship or simply solidifying weekend plans.

12. But hate it when people don’t commit to you.

You don’t break commitments so it drives you nuts when other people break theirs.

13. You know how to balance your life.

You’re great at balancing your social life with your school life and everything else. You know the importance of making sure you take time for yourself too.

14. You like to argue.

You think of arguing like a competition. You may tend to lean toward your stubborn nature and refuse to admit when you’re wrong.

15. But are insanely charming.

You can charm just about anyone. You’ve got a lot of friends, but you win over people who aren’t sure about you with your charisma.
Are you a Taurus? What do you relate to above? What other traits do you have? Tell us in the comments!

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