Would You Rather: Condoms

What weird condom scenario would you rather be in? | Source: Shutterstock

What weird condom scenario would you rather be in? | Source: Shutterstock

Condoms are incredibly useful! They’re a great and convenient go-to for safe sex and they prevent pregnancy and STDs. So yay, condoms!

But let’s be real, as great as they are,they can be pretty awkward. I mean, they’re awkward looking enough as it is. But then there’s the weirdness that surrounds sizing, not to mention the crushed pride of delusional dudes thanks to said sizing. And there’s the chore of buying condoms in the first place, which can be pretty damn nerve wracking if you’ve never done it before. Oh, and then there’s the logistics of what you do with the thing after its been, er, used. So yeah, condoms are great, but there is plenty of weirdness attached to their use.

So with all of that said, what awkward condom scenario would you rather be in? Decide in this edition of Would You Rather!

Do you have an awkward condom story? What protection methods do you prefer over condoms? Tell us in the comments!

My Boyfriend Refuses To Wear Condoms, What Should I Do?


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  • Anna

    At my school I do errands for the secretary during my free period and once I was walking to give something to a teacher and I heard her talking to her fiance– another teacher– and they were talking about what flavor condoms to get. Now I know my math teacher prefers cherry over banana

  • Jonson

    When I was 16, I almost lost my V card to this girl named Anne. When I got the condom out, the fumes from the banana scented condom made her eyes swell up and start watering! We had to go to the ER and explain what happened to our parents.

  • Locky

    I personally think that the girl is better off putting on the condom for the guy, and even supplying it. She wouldn’t try to show him up by getting bigger condoms ‘to impress’ and it would probably end up working smoother too as the girl can just get… Straight into it, (no pun intended) you know what I mean?

  • amarantharayne

    My brother had his girl over and he tied the condom in a knot and left it on the floor and my dog ate it. So the next day i’m walking my dog and he takes a shit and the condom just plops out and the other lady next to me is looking like “what the hell?!”

    • Locky

      Same thing happened to my dog! :’)

      • icestar


  • pinkheart

    Lets be real when it comes to condom and penises there is so much that can go wrong and end up being awkward. Maybe the worst is trying to put a condom on your guy and he cant help himself and starts ejaculating.

    • NataMetalGrl

      eeeew 😛

  • Jody

    If a guy has a whole glove compartment full of condoms how many other girls has he tried to get with and failed? Creeper!! It’d be a lot less awkward to have to go buy a pack IMO.