15 Of The Most Embarrassing Things Parents Do On Facebook

Dear moms and dads everywhere: please get off Facebook. Or, if you insist on having one, please don’t add your children. In fact, ignore them altogether. It’s your right to have a Facebook, but that does not mean it is also your right to ruin our Facebook fun. Sincerely, everyone.

Seriously, though – I am not a fan of parents on Facebook. My mom made a Facebook account a few years ago, and she tried to add me, and I refused to add her back. She’s still mad at me about it, but the truth is, I’m just not okay with my mom having access to every part of my online life. I don’t think that’s so wrong, am I right?

A recent survey confirms what we all already knew: one third of “young people” are embarrassed by parents being on social media. And if you’ve ever seen parents on social media, it’s pretty obvious why. I’m going to go ahead and say Facebook is the worst, because a lot of parents haven’t yet made their way to Twitter or Instagram. Here are 15 of the most embarrassing things parents do on Facebook:


1. When they comment something sappy on one of your friend’s photos of you. 


Like, “You look beautiful. Love the dress. Love you, Mom.” K, thanks mom, let’s save these compliments for another time.


2. Or worse, when they literally like every single photo you’re tagged in.


And your friends are like, “Um, I think your mom liked my picture?”


3. When they post weird/inappropriate photos of themselves. 


This is even worse if they’re friends with your friends. Speaking of that…


4. When they add ALL of your friends. 


Your friends feel obligated to add them even though you know they don’t want to and ugh.


5. When they write REALLY private things on your wall because they just don’t get how Facebook works.

giphy (1)

It’s just like, can you NOT? I will literally see you later when I come home.


6. Or when they make statuses about inappropriate things NO ONE wants to know about.


Like their stomach virus or, even worse, their sex life. GROSS.


7. When they try to defend you even though  you don’t need to be defended.


It must be more difficult for parents to detect sarcasm through the Internet. And OMG how embarrassing to have your dad come to your “rescue” on Facebook.


8. When they post embarrassing photos of you that they think are cute.

giphy (2)

They’re not cute.


9. When they write really sappy things on your wall.


Like, “I love you hunny, just wanted to let you know the best.” Okay, fine, that’s cute, but also still embarrassing.


10. When they like a page that is actually really gross.


I recently saw my friend’s uncle like a sexy nude picture. I don’t think he realized you can see that on the newsfeed. HORRIFYING.


11. When they try way too hard to write like they think they’re supposed to because they’re on the Internet.


Example: “hi u u r so cute luv u lol.” K mom, you can type like a normal person.


12. Or when they type in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME.




13. When they brag about you to all of your Facebook friends. 


Ack. How are you supposed to react?


14. When they watch everything you do carefully so that later they can ask you/yell at you about it.

giphy (3)

This is why you never wanted to be friends with them.


15. When they say things like, “Watch your language!”


And this is why you shouldn’t be on Facebook, mom.


Are your parents on Facebook? Which of these do you hate the most? Which do you not care about? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments!


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  • LittleMissAuthoress

    Yes. I get that you don’t want your parents to be there ALL of the time but you could at least give them the pleasure of being apart of your life even when if you aren’t there in person to talk with them. After all THEY are the reason YOU are alive today so at least give them that much in return for what they give you 24/7.
    That being said I completely understand that you all might not want your parents squeezing themselves into ever corner of your life and constantly invading your privacy. But please give them a chance (they gave you one!). After all some parents are smarter than all that.
    (Did that make any sense?)

  • Ivy

    MagneticPudding and Stephanie: I agree.

    My dad’s friends with me on Facebook and his profile photo as well as cover photos include snapshots of the time when I was younger/a little kid.
    I love it! 😀

    My dad is pretty tech-savvy and I’m fine with being friends with him on Facebook.
    Oh and he only calls me out if I’m really doing something I shouldn’t be doing (and it isn’t that common), which in my opinion does not make him a bad or “uncool” person. Just a good parent 🙂

    • LittleMissAuthoress

      Dude your dad rocks! 😉

  • Stephanie Borgani

    I totally agree with MagneticPudding. The first thought I head while reading this was “This is completely ridiculous” I get that some people might not have such a good online relationship with their parents, but can we not generalize here? Almost everyone I know have their parents on Facebook, and it’s actually kind of nice. Sure, they can be embarrassing at times, but everyone knows and respects that, it’s not anything to be ashamed of. Besides, I wouldn’t want Facebook to be some online recluse for young people who can be “free” because they are away from their parents; social media is supposed to be something just as family-oriented as friend-oriented. Also, I think it’s a huge generalization, not to mention rude, to refer to parents as stupid and teenagers as clever when it comes to anything computer-related. Most of the time, this stereotype actually inverts itself..

  • ladybug1414

    My parents right in all caps because when they accidentally hit the caps lock button, they can’t figure out how to turn caps off.

  • Dara

    I just recently tried to explain this to my mom! It’s not that I’m ungrateful about her wanting to be my friend on social media sites, but i would just like to have one part of my life she isn’t CONSTANTLY involved in! What i did was friend her and just blocked all of my posts so she cant see them. I felt bad for doing it, but god it feels like shes breathing down my neck!

  • MagneticPudding

    Okay, while I agree with most of these, some of them aren’t all that bad. People are embarrassed of their parents, WHY? I don’t get why everyone is so snarky and reluctant about adding their parents. I’m Facebook friends with my mother, my grandmother, and even my boyfriend’s mother, whats so bad about that?? All of you teenagers who are embarrassed by your parents, you should be ashamed of yourself.
    You should feel happy that your mom wants to be so much a part of your life, and if you’re posting something on Facebook that you don’t want your parents to see, then maybe you shouldn’t be posting it at all. hmm?