20 Fashion Problems You’ll Only Understand If You Have Big Boobs

Having big boobs can be a blessing, or it can be a curse. Sometimes it’s really great, other days you just wish that you could get a breast reduction. I’ve written about my struggles with my large breasts before, and I found out that a lot of girls with smaller chests think that girls with bigger chests don’t deserve to complain. Well, guys, I’m here to tell you that our big boobs can create some serious problems, especially when it comes to clothes.

The fashion world as a whole seems to think that small breasts are chic, and so, a lot of clothing is made to look good on women with smaller boobs. As a result, there’s a lot of things you just can’t wear if you have big boobs – or you can wear them, it will just be really annoying. It’svery frustrating, and every time I complain about it, my friends with smaller cup sizes are like, “Ugh, Jessica, shut up.” But it’s not a humble brag! My size isn’t even that large, so I can’t imagine what it’s like for the ladies who deal with larger sizes, but I know it must be more difficult.

Here are 20 fashion problems you’ll only understand if you have big boobs. But, hey, at least we have our v-necks, right? They’re very flattering.


1. T-shirt with built-in bras? LOL okay. Forget about buying that


This is for a large?!


2. Finding a perfect bikini top is a nightmare. NIGHTMARE. 


Not only do you have to buy pieces separately, but you usually have to buy special bikinis that are very expensive. And don’t even think about a string bikini, unless you want to be Kate Upton a la Sports Illustrated.


3. Loose, baggy shirts make you look pregnant. 


Sometimes you sacrifice that for comfort, but still, annoying.


4. One-size fits all bandeaus make you LOL. 

giphy (4)



5. A good button-down shirt is extremely difficult to find. 


They either fit everywhere except for your boobs (where the buttons gap), or they fit your boobs but are huge everywhere else. You can’t win.


6. Backless shirts don’t work for you because how are you supposed to wear a supportive bra?

giphy (5)

You can’t. It’s impossible.


7. Anything strapless makes you groan. 


Whoever said big boobs hold up strapless dresses better was very, very wrong.


8. If an elastic waist is too far down, it ends up looking odd on you because a weird portion puffs out. 

giphy (6)



9. Loose crop tops are basically impossible. 


You can only wear tight ones.


10. Anytime you wear something low-cut, it looks like you’re trying to be sexy, even if you’re not.


You just want to look appropriate in your cute top, but everyone has to freakin’ stare and make you feel awkward.


11. Cute, cheap bras are almost never your size. 

giphy (1)

Thanks, Victoria’s Secret PINK. Thanks. I’ll just be over here, spending $90 on my bra from the specialty store in London.


12. Long necklaces fall in between your boobs, which is just uncomfortable.


Not to mention it looks really weird.


13. Are there really people who can just get away with one sports bra?




14. When you find a cute shirt or dress you love that fits everywhere but your boobs, it’s just like… 


Life is not fair.


15. Empire waist tops never give enough room for your boobs. 


Guess that trend is out.


16. Graphic tees get stretched out in your chest area and then they’re ruined. 

giphy (2)

Also your friends don’t want you borrowing their clothes because you’ll stretch them out. THANKS GUYS.


17. If you wear something that’s a little too tight, it becomes sheer.


Or a tight bra gives you quadboob. So uncomfortable.


18. And turtlenecks, or anything with a high neck, give you uniboob.


Not a great look.


19. Chunky knit sweaters are great, but not exactly flattering. They tend to make you look larger.


You’ll sacrifice that too for comfort, but still.


20. Ruffles look weird on you. 


They just do.


Which of these problems can you relate to the most? Which do you disagree with? What did I forget? Tell me in the comments.


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  • Carrie

    I love you all. I’m either a 34 d or 32dd, but those don’t even really fit and I really hate to spend 100 dollars on a bra when everyone else can spend 30. Bikinis, strapless dresses, cute lacy wireless bras are all nipple central. Fitted shirts are like hey everyone look at my boobs. I begged my sisters to not go for a strapless bridesmaids dress last year. I lost and when you’re drunk it’s hard to remember to pull up your dress every fifteen minutes. Classy right?I’ve also never had a bra where the gore sits flat on my skin between my boobs.

  • Dawn McMurray

    I can absolutely relate ladies! I am a 44E (I think). I need to get remeasured as one of the medications I’m one causes an increase in breast size!

  • Marie Rogers-Ward

    Lol all of it. My 13 year old daughter (poor baby) has developed the big boob curse. It’s summertime, and her smaller boob friends can wear any swimsuit they want. A bikini top (an appropriate one) for my baby is abut 100 dollars. Most styles don’t cover properly. Ugh

    Can we share what works, brands, websites, etc?

  • Lo

    I’m a 36C and only 4’10. I can relate to a lot of these but particularly the issue of a shirt/dress fitting everywhere except in the bust. For instance, I remember crying my eyes out on Valentine’s Day because my fiance couldn’t get my dress to zip up over my chest which is exactly where the zipper likes to get stuck despite the dress being loose everywhere else. I hate it. Strapless dresses are the worst as well.

  • Jasmine Evans

    Im 17 with 34-36 DD boobs. Thing is, I’m told by my friends that they got sized at victoria secret or another place and THEY are a DD.. Here’s the thing… My boobs are WAY too big to fit in their bras. It really sucks. Now I have plans to go to the beach for the first time in my life this coming weekend and I can’t find a bathing suit that fits my boobs and my body to save my life. Im trying so hard to and it just seems impossible. So sometime this week I’m going to get myself fitted and see if they can order a specially made bathing suit that looks good.. And if not.. Well no beach for me.

    • Hailey

      Yeah VS don’t actually size properly… One day I went in to see if their 32DDDs fit me and I let a worker size me because why not, and she tried to tell me that I was a 32 B or C. Like, no. I actually wear a 30F

  • Sara Donner

    34G and i would do everything for smaller boobs. It’s not only clothes problems but also it’s uncomfortable to sleep and they get in your way and may cause back ache

  • larrisa

    I am a 34G…….help

  • Alex Smith

    Iv been feeling off all day, just can’t find any flattering clothes, I stick to plain and tight with a low neck line. My boobs make me feel frumpy and I feel like I can’t wear anything nice, but this has made me feel a bit better about myself, knowing I’m not the only one that feels this way. Every single one of these are true. I’m a 34dd and I would fit into a UK size 10 on top of it wasn’t for them, so I could get away with crop tops and nice baggy numbers but I have to stick to a plain tee or vest top just to make myself look half decent.

  • Jaiden Preston

    I relate to everything! Its so uncomfortable to find a cute shirt. I’m 13. Like it’s horrible. I wear a 36DD. And I have a small waist but it looks like I’m 3 sizes bigger because of my boobs. Its just horrible.

  • MikeHawkk

    My wife has E-cup fat-bags. It used to be wonderful to look at their movement as she walked. Now, as the rest of her has become rather heavy, they are just one more fat fold. Bummer.

  • ✨ Maka ✨

    Everything I can relate to.
    I’m in high school, I’m 5’1, in a size 00-0 pants, my waist is 24 inches (61cm)
    I’m only 105 pounds and I’m in a 36D bra, and they are
    I hate wearing anything loose, because it makes me look
    very large and unproportional, because I would look like

    I have a square upper body with skinny little legs and arms.
    I love cozy sweaters, and I’m even thinking of buying
    a chest binder just so I can wear them and not look
    Some say big boobs are a blessing, but I can disagree
    in so many ways and agree.
    I love my boobs, and I hate them at the same time.
    My boyfriend sure does love them tho lmao XD
    And I can’t find a cute bathing suit top that fits,
    so I just end up wearing my bra to the beach or the pool..

  • Michelle697

    I can relate to each problem listed and then let’s compound being a 36D with being 5 foot.

  • Heather Alawawda

    I have a 38 to 40DD and I can never find button down tops, bikini tops, dresses that fit everywhere else but I can’t zip it up past my boobs or I can’t pull them down past my boobs, and I can’t even find stretchy strapless or haltert top dresses that fit my chest without some boob meat hanging over where the material hugs my boobs in the back, on the side and in the front. And when the slouchy look was on trend, I could never quite pull it off because my boobs just made me look like I was hiding a pregnancy bump. I have buy the biggest size bra that Victorias Secret has and often I have pay $5-10 more MSRP than say a 36C. I literally spent 6 to 8 hours shopping because i have such a hard time finding clothes that fit especially summer clothes.

  • The Great Queen Spider

    Not as big as you, but when I was your age old men always made inappropriate comments to me. I’m talking men in their late sixties, early seventies. It’s truly astonishing what people think is okay to say to others in public. I’m sorry for all the hard ships you’ve gone through, I hope it gets better 🙂