6 Reasons to See a Scary Movie on a Date

There’s a reason people don’t really watch scary movies alone—No one wants to be scared while they’re by themselves! It’s so much better to watch something frightening with other people. It’s the BEST to watch a scary movie with a date though.

You may not think seeing a scary movie on a date is a good idea, especially if you scare easily. But it’s actually a fantastic idea. Seriously, we can prove it to you:

Would you see a scary movie on a date? Tell us in the comments!

This post is written in partnership with Lionsgate and The Quiet Ones, out in theaters April 25, 2014. Make sure to sign up to enter for movie screenings from Lionsgate, and you could see The Quiet Ones before anyone else!


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  • Anne

    It’s all fun and games until I pee my pants.