13 Movies About Queer Girls That Will Change Your Life

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  1. avatar kailah says:

    I’ve seen 12 out of 15 of these lol. I absolutely love yes or no it’s so adorable!

  2. avatar _escap3-with-me says:

    My friend persuaded me to watch Blue is The Warmest Color and Guess what?

    I LOVED IT!!!! ^_^

  3. avatar Kelly says:

    I can’t believe I’ve actually saw at least one of these movies. But I’m a Cheerleader was sooo funny. I wasn’t planning on watching the whole movie, but an hour and so later, the credits rolled by.

  4. avatar littleknowitall says:

    to help you guys out…. i remember a good friend of mine (also a film buff) telling me that in thailand there are a lot of transexual love stories…. I would like to have the chance to see one…
    In a sense I’m not very surprised that a thai movie was in the list, due to the fact of how their culture. Im sad to day that the west would not be a good market to make such movies…

    • avatar Denise says:

      I am from thailand and can agree with that. Thailand has 1/5 of the population lgbtq so theres songs and movies and stuff

  5. avatar Dara says:

    Blue is the Warmest Color is by the far the greatest piece of cinema i have seen in years. It touched my heart in unimaginable ways, and took me back to when i had my first love. Thanks for putting it in this article. It is a must-see flick.

  6. avatar Brie says:

    I watched a movie called Loving Annabelle that was amazing. I seriously loved it.

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